Top 10 Deadliest Animals in Australia
20 Jun 2018 ''Deadly'' generally means something with the ability to cause death but it's also a word Irish people use to describe things that are awesome! Australia is home to many animals that are both awesome and deadly so we've compiled a list of our top 10 favourites.   1. Bees Bees cause more deaths in Australia than sn... Read more
Want to extend your Australian working holiday? Here’s how you can!
22 May 2018 Under the conditions of a first Australian Work and Holiday visa (either subclass 417 or 462) working holidaymakers are entitled to spend one year working and traveling around Oz. But is one year really enough time to enjoy a working holiday in Australia? After all it’s an entire continent! With bustling cities and ... Read more
‘Gandalf, meet Cristiano Ronaldo!’
22 May 2018 New Zealand and Portugal sign reciprocal work and travel agreement New Zealand and Portugal have signed a reciprocal agreement which will, for the first time, allow young people from both countries to embark on a working holiday in a new destination. The deal agreed by both governments will allow up to 50 young national... Read more
Travelling to Russia for the World Cup? You’ll need a FAN ID.
18 May 2018 Here’s everything you need to know Football fans who are travelling to attend football matches during the World Cup will not require visas to enter Russia. Instead all match goers will need to get their hands on a ‘FAN ID’. If you’re planning to cheer your country on at the World Cup here’s e... Read more
Australian Government Announced Changes to SOL
18 Apr 2018 Annually thousands of people are migrating to Australia on different visas. In order to migrate to Australia based on your profession you need to have your profession listed in the SOL (Skilled Occupation List). This list is associated with many visas but one of the most popular is the Temporary Work visa (subclass 457) whi... Read more
Best Places for Backpackers and Finding Work in Australia
26 Jan 2018 Australia is a big country and can offer places for every taste. It has big cities for people who love night life and the crowd. The hot continent has the charm of the farm life and vast country fields to dig in the busy life of the local backcountry people. For people who love the sea and beaches there is plenty to be expl... Read more