Best Places for Backpackers and Finding Work in Australia
26 Jan 2018 Australia is a big country and can offer places for every taste. It has big cities for people who love night life and the crowd. The hot continent has the charm of the farm life and vast country fields to dig in the busy life of the local backcountry people. For people who love the sea and beaches there is plenty to be expl... Read more
Australian Working Holiday Visa Program 2018
06 Feb 2018 As 2018 is on its way many young people are already making their plans for the coming season and their travel arrangements. Australian Working Holiday Visa Program is still one of the most popular programs for young people willing to travel and work for one year in Australia. The beginning of the year is one of the most po... Read more
Integration Program Helps Immigrants in Canada B.C. to Find Employment
12 Jan 2018 Canadian IEC- BC (Immigrant Employment Council of British Columbia) helps many people in British Columbia to integrate and find job in their field of competence. The support is provided through the so called FAST program which has great success and connects employers and internationally trained workers. The program has been... Read more
H-1B Visa Extension Could be Discontinued
05 Jan 2018 Recently new proposal from the US president regarding the H-1B visa may ban extending H-1B visa. This visa is granted mostly to Indian citizens working in USA mainly in the IT sector. The visa allows the holders to work in the USA for 2 terms by 3 years and an extension is granted while the holder is waiting to be green car... Read more
New US Visa Regulation Changes
15 Dec 2017 During 2017 the US border control changed a lot of visa regulations under the influence of the new US president. Many visa programs has been updated even canceled which caused many scandals and a lot of people were disappointed. A lot of media attention was attracted by the decision to ban citizens from 7 countries to enter... Read more