Work and Holiday Visa Programmes for Australia and Singapore
15 Sep 2017 Work and Holiday Visa programmes are very popular among young people across many countries. It provides an opportunity to travel, live and work abroad while exploring different cultures. Most popular destinations for Work and Holiday Visa programmes for quite some time are Australia and Canada. Australia has long history i... Read more
Canada's 10-year Temporary Resident Visa Attracts Millions of Visitors
08 Sep 2017 In order to boost its economy Canada has introduced a couple of years ago the Temporary Resident Visa. It gives the opportunity to the holder to stay in Canada for up to 6 months at a time and is valid for 10 years. This visa will be granted to citizens of countries with low risk and which need to have multiple entries in ... Read more
Canada's Super Visa for Senior Parents
01 Sep 2017 Nowadays globally many parents and grandparents are traveling to visit more often to see their children and grandchildren. This trend is great for the families of immigrants keeping them together but in the same time could be an issue for the social system of each country and putting some stress on the government budget. C... Read more
Canadian Student Visa
15 Aug 2017 Canada is famous for its beautiful nature, great economy and for being very welcoming to foreign citizens. Many are coming to work and live here. It is a great place also for students from all over the world. Canada is a country with a great culture and traditions in education. It is a home of some of the best universities ... Read more
Studying in Australia and How to Get an Australian Student Visa
11 Aug 2017 Australia is a country with great economic, nature and very welcoming to foreigners. Studying in Australia is a great opportunity to explore this continent, its culture and to taste the way of life. Many young people choose Australia for their university degree, vocational courses or simply to improve their English. As the... Read more
Big Changes to US Green Card Program and US Immigration Regulations
04 Aug 2017 Yesterday the US President announced big changes to the American immigration regulations aiming to improve the border control and help local economy. The plan is to stop not qualified foreigners coming to USA and attract only highly qualified and skilled immigration. This way the US economy will be in better position and be... Read more