Business Visas and How to Focus on Business Instead of Visa and Documents
22 Jul 2016 Global business requires huge investments and multiple offices, operation centers across the globe. The efficiency and new markets requires flexible business models and people moving from country to country. If this is your case so you know how much it takes to organize your trip and how much time and efforts it requires to... Read more
Australia's Point Based System and How UK Can Handle Immigration After Brexit
15 Jul 2016 Australia is a country with long traditions and experience in migration management and border control. The big island country has established a system of rules for regulating the number of immigrants wanting to live and work there by measuring their skills and outstanding abilities that could be of benefit for the local eco... Read more
Brexit and Australia – How the UK Immigration Landscape Could Change
24 Jun 2016 Australia and the UK have a long-standing close relationship when it comes to migration. Australians make up the fourth largest nationality in the UK – after China, India and the USA. However, since the last decade – the number of issued work permits for Australians has halved. In addition, it’s reported A... Read more