Canada Working Holiday Visa Program 2018 is Now Open
17 Nov 2017

Canadian Working Holiday Visa 2018 Program is now open for applicants. Each year the Canadian government and border control release thousands of quotas for the well known International Experience Canada or Working Holiday Visa program. The quotas could be released in or two rounds depending on the needs of the government. Canada has reciprocal agreement with 33 countries to allow foreign young people to live and work for one or two years in Canada. In order to secure their place the applicants needed to submit their application as soon as possible as the invitations were send on first-come first-served basis prior 2016. Now the program is changed a bit and all the applicants submit their application and wait for invitation. After the modification of the program the applicants pick is done randomly until the quota is filled.

Each country has different quota for the IEC program. For example in 2018 Ireland has 10 700 quotas, UK have 5 000, France has 6500, Germany has 4490 quotas etc. In order to apply the applicants need to be between 18-30 (35 for Ireland citizens). Required is also a clean criminal record and proof of sufficient funds (C$2500).

The process of application is a bit complicated. First the applicants should register their interest in the IEC program. After this is done they should wait to receive an invitation. They have 10 days time to accept it. If they accept the invitation, they have 20 days to submit the documents. The Canadian border authorities review their documents and in some cases may require some more details. If the applicant is approved a Letter of Introduction should be sent by the authorities.


The applicant should submit the documents carefully in order to avoid discrepancies or misleading information which could result in visa rejection. That is why proper document handling is important and it is good idea to be handled by experts.


You may submit your application for Canadian Working Holiday Visa here.


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Author: Visa First