The Quota for Canadian Working Holiday Visas is Almost Filled.
07 Apr 2017

The Canadian Working Holiday Visa or IEC programme is very popular in Ireland and the young people are very interested in this opportunity provided by the Canadian government. The number of applicants have already surpassed the 2016 results. This trend definitely puts Canada on one of the leading places for the young generation.

Edwina Shanahan, Managing Director of commented: “ The results this year for Working Holiday Visa are going to surpass the previous year even before H1 is over. If someone is interested it is better to get his application in a timely manner.”

The Irish quota for this programme is 7700 for 2017. This is for the Working Holiday Visa (IEC) programme. It does not require a job offer, which makes it very attractive. To date, 5418 visas have been issued to Irish working holiday visa applicants, and other 1,600 people have applied and should be issued permits if they are eligible. This means that 682 slots are left. In 2016, over 1000 places went unused by the end of the year.

The IEC (Canadian working holiday visa) programme gives opportunity to many young people around the world to live and work in Canada for 12 or 24 months. The applicants must be under 30, for some other countries up to 35 years. The applicants must have passport from eligible country (list of eligible countries).

In order to participate you should apply and register your interest in any of the listed IEC streams. After that if approved you are going to receive an invitation. The time for accepting the invitation is 10 days. After accepting the invitation, the applicant should prepare his documents and pay certain fees.

After reviewing your application and documents the Canadian authorities may require even more documents. The applicant should keep in mind to be careful with the proper preparation of documents and being on time with all the required documents.

If approved the applicant will receive LOI (Letter of Introduction). The application process needs to be handled properly and by professionals in order to avoid mistakes and delays, which could cost time and even rejection.


More information about the Canadian Working Holiday Visa.


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