Canadians on TN Visas are Stopped From Working in USA
17 Mar 2017

The changes in the US border control and migration security continue with full throttle ahead.

Recently there were several cases of Canadian citizens entering the US border on TN visas. The people were medical stuff in a Detroit hospital traveling regularly to work there. According to the NAFTA regulations the people are allowed to enter and work in the USA. The new situation comes from the new border regulations changes under the president Trump.

 According to the new status quo, the advanced practice nurses and anesthetists are no longer allowed to work in USA. All Canadian nurses working in the USA are having NAFTA professional TN visas.

Annualy about 30 000 – 40 000 Canadians work in the USA under the NAFTA professional TN visa. This visa allows also Mexicans to work in USA. This visa is designed for certain professionals with job offer to start work in the USA on very fast border control procedure. This visa is for 3 years and can be renewed. The occupations included in this visa are accountants, engineers, teachers, graphic designers and others.

Solution for this situation could be the H-1B visa. It also for highly skilled workers and can fit the needs of those groups. The H-1B visa is not limited to the NAFTA countries. Several weeks ago there was a scandal with the H-1B visas, which were stopped for several countries because of Trump’s new migration regulations.

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Author: VisaFirst