Canada Will Admit 1 Million Immigrants Next 3 Years
10 Nov 2017

 Canadian government recently made an announcement regarding its approach about the immigration. In the next 3 years period the country will allow 1 million immigrants to enter the country. This plan will be executed in 3 steps each year about 300 000 immigrants will be welcomed in Canada.

This decision is taken after evaluation of the current economic needs and aging Canadian population. Canada has long history in having healthy economy and big need of workforce. Obviously Canadian population cannot fill the needs of the business and local economy that is why for so many years Canada is one of the countries allowing skilled people from abroad to come and help boosting the economy.

Nowadays the statistics says that the number of foreign-born Canadians is surpassing 20%. This number is doubled since 1960s. The profile of the immigration during the years has changed a lot as well. In the past the main source of immigration has been the British Isles, USA, Germany accounting for more than 90% of the immigration during 1800s. Later on citizens from other European countries came to Canada especially after World War 2. After the fall of communism, other big wave from Eastern Europe approached the country.

Nowadays the biggest proportion of foreign-born Canadians is from Asia. This number is constantly growing along with the number of African immigrants.


 In 2017 the Canadian economy is growing with 3% and about 2% by 2019 expected growth. According to the government diversity and welcoming approach to the migrants is the key for keeping the economy strong. Special attention should be paid to the programs for securing the newcomers the tools to integrate and succeed. By 2020 the annual target for immigrants should be around 450 000 annually.

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Author: Visa First