Brazil Introduces E-visa for Australians, US, Canada and Japan are Coming Soon.
01 Dec 2017

Brazil is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide and definitely is one of the most visited countries in Latin America. Recently the Brazilian border control authorities announced the new e-visa for visitors from Australia. This measure was taken in order to enhance to Brazilian tourism and make life of people willing to visit the country easier. This step have been suggested by the World Tourism Organization to improve the Brazilian tourism.

The e-visa saves a lot of time to the applicant by applying online and saving time, money and hassle avoiding visit to the embassy. Brazilian government has further plans to expand this measure and apply it with the applicants from other countries like United States, Canada and Japan in 2018. This step will help not only the tourism industry but also will foster business and investors to visit and make business in Brazil.

Similar step was taken prior the 2016 Olympics in Brazil to boost the tourism and the local economic. At that time the government introduced a temporary visa waiver for tourists from Australia, United States, Canada, Japan. During the Olympics’ year the Australian tourism jumped with 11 percent. According to the Brazilian statistics the majority of the Australians visit the country for tourism, above 60%. The most of them visit Rio De Janeiro. Other aim to visit different nature destinations and beaches.


In 2016 Brazil had a record year in tourism thanks to the Olympics. Over 6.6 millions visited the Latin country. Thanks to that record number the income from the tourism accounts for $6.2 billion vs $5.8 in 2015. Main reason to visit Brazil for most people is the beautiful nature, interesting culture and also it is not an expensive destination. 

Author: Visa First