Trump’s New Immigration Law Echoed Globally
03 Feb 2017

Should all non-Americans worry when entering USA?


The first few days of the new US president was really exciting not only for the president itself but for many other Americans and non-Americans. For many decades there have not been a politician of this caliber that have provoked such an emotional reaction in the society and in the political world in the same time. Probably there is no unbiased person to Trump’s persona and political decisions.

 His latest decision to ban from entering US people from 7 countries was really controversial and echoed globally. There were huge protests of people and many politicians expressed loudly their opinion regarding this order. Interesting to mention here is that many of the affected people have valid visas and can enter the country legally.

Should people worry if they can enter USA with their valid visa? The order says that only people from Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Libya or Yemen cannot enter the country. This is huge issue for many travelers from these countries. There are a number of reports globally for people who have been denied boarding when traveling back to US after the order was officially signed.

Interesting to mention here is that the US border control started to require foreign travelers their social media profiles. According to government officials this is required in order to identify potential threats for the national security. They can request your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social network profile you have. It is still not clear if you can be refused a visa to enter the country based on your social media information.

In order to be safe when traveling to the US you can contact for further information about the latest visa regulations and if you comply with them. Obviously there will be a lot of changes to the US immigration policy and US border requirements.



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Author: VisaFirst