Canada's 10-year Temporary Resident Visa Attracts Millions of Visitors
08 Sep 2017

In order to boost its economy Canada has introduced a couple of years ago the Temporary Resident Visa. It gives the opportunity to the holder to stay in Canada for up to 6 months at a time and is valid for 10 years.

This visa will be granted to citizens of countries with low risk and which need to have multiple entries in Canada. The aim of the Canadian government is to save time and budget for issuing multiple visas and stimulate local economy by attracting more tourists and business people to make business in Canada. For the time this program exists it proves to be very successful. In many countries from different continents, it is very popular and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors in Canada. According to the Canadian authorities, the main nationalities applying for this visa are China which has more than 1.4 mln holders of this visa. It is followed by India with more than 700 000 visa holders. Third is Brazil with about 270 000 TRV holders. The majority of the Chinse visitors choose to visit Vancouver region while other nationalities like Brazilians and Indians are choosing other parts of the country to visit. The hotel and business owners in Vancouver are trying to hire more Chinese speakers in order to serve better the tourists from Asia.

According to some experts the 10-year visitors visa is big reason for the real estate deals spike in big Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Great number of Chinese rich people prefer to buy property in Canada and both cities are in top 10 for top destinations for Chinese to buy property abroad. Many of them are buying those properties for their children studying in Canada. This visa is also a great tool for foreign investors to avoid taxes in Canada.



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Author: VisaFirst