Canadian Student Visa
15 Aug 2017

Canada is famous for its beautiful nature, great economy and for being very welcoming to foreign citizens. Many are coming to work and live here. It is a great place also for students from all over the world. Canada is a country with a great culture and traditions in education. It is a home of some of the best universities in the world. More than 20 universities are listed between the best universities in the world. A large number of the students in Canada are from foreign countries. According to a research of the Canadian Bureau for International Students, more than 90% of the foreign students are giving positive feedback about the education quality and they would recommend Canada as a great place to study and receive higher education degree.

In order to be international student in Canada there are several important requirements. All the applicants need to be proficient in English or French and have sufficient finances. If the applicant is not a native for either of the languages he/she should submit prove of his/her language skills. Required also is for all international students is to have health insurance. The health insurance may vary from state to state and prior to the trip applicants should check for more details about their university state what are the health insurance requirements.

How to get a Canadian student visa? All foreign students can study in Canada for up to 6 months without a student visa. In order to study in Canada more than 6 months all applicants need to have a Student Permit. Unlike in most other countries where a student visa is required. In Canada, the Student Permit gives you the right to stay during your education. For some nationalities, a permanent residency may be required. Before applying for student permit all foreign students need to provide a letter of acceptance from the university they intend to study. There are a lot of details when preparing your Canadian student permit and other documents so it needs some time and recommended is to have support from someone who knows well all the details and pitfalls.

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