Canadian Working Holiday Visa 2018
20 Oct 2017

The Canadian IEC Programme also known as Canadian Working Holiday Visa programme has many fans around the world and especially in Europe. This year the programme is even more appealing for the young people and the results in Ireland prove that. In 2017 there were 7700 slots available for Irish citizens and more than 5000 slots were booked the first 3-4 months during the year. Previous years the slots were filled really fastas well. The number of slots for UK citizens were 7000 all of which were filled. If you want to visit Canada on Working Holiday Visa in 2018 you should keep an eye when the programme will be opened and apply as soon as possible. Chances for Irish and other European citizens to be approved are big as long as your nationality allows you to apply.

The IEC programme or the Canadian Working Holiday Visa programme allows people between 18-30 (35 for Irish citizens) years of age to live and work in Canada for one year. The applicants need to have clean criminal record and in good health.

The process of application is a bit long and complicated. The applicant needs first to register his/her interest in the programme. After that the applicant needs to receive an invitation. The invitation needs to be accepted in 10 days period after which it will expire. After accepting the invitation, you need to submit your work permit documents and pay the fees required for the documents. After reviewing your documents the Canadian immigration authorities may require more information after which they should send you a letter of introduction (LOI). It needs to be presented upon entering the Canadian borders to the officers.

The 2018 IEC Programme should be opened in late October 2017. Delays are possible as there is no strict date of opening the programme. In order to secure your place make sure you are tuned and be ready to register as soon as possible for the new programme.



More information about the Canadian Working Holiday Visa Programme.

Author: VisaFirst