Studying in Australia and How to Get an Australian Student Visa
11 Aug 2017

Australia is a country with great economic, nature and very welcoming to foreigners. Studying in Australia is a great opportunity to explore this continent, its culture and to taste the way of life. Many young people choose Australia for their university degree, vocational courses or simply to improve their English.

As the statistics show in 2016 there where more than 712 000 foreign students enrolled in Australian universities, schools or other educational programs. This is a record braking result for Australia as a country providing education to foreign citizens. More than half of this number were new enrolments which Is clear signal that the quality of the education is at the needed level. This is confirmed by a survey about the satisfaction of the Australian educational programs and the results proved that the respondents are happy as about 90% voted positively about the quality of the service they receive.

In all 3 educational sectors there is growth in numbers. Higher education – University enrolments grew by 43%. The VET (Vocational Education and Training) has a growth rate of about 11% compared to the previous year. This sector is very interesting for employees and employers as it is providing qualification to workers which is very helpful for finding a good job latter on. The so called ELICOS (English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students) sector grew with about 4%.

The leading nations with the most foreign students in Australia are China which holds about 27%, India has the second place with about 8%. Korea, Thailand and Vietnam are the countries which follow the leaders and holding about 51% of the number of foreign students.

In order to get an Australian student visa the applicants need first to be accepted as students in an Australia educational institution. The English language skills level should be assessed or you need to provide evidence of your skills. There are other important requirements which need to be met in order the applicant to be granted a student visa. Evidence of financial capacity is required as well. The applicant needs to provide information that he/she can cover his living expenses and educational fees. Required is also to provide a document about good health condition or pass a health check. Health insurance is mandatory for the foreign students in Australia.

 Students are allowed to work while being on a student visa but they need to check further the options after arriving there. The duration of the visa depends on the educational course. Each student should point out how long will be the course or education. After finishing the education the student must leave the country or can apply for other visa in order to extend his stay. There are multiple options depending on what the applicant’s needs are.

In order to apply successfully for a student visa you need to prepare your documents very carefully. There are a lot of details which the applicants should pay attention and an advice from competent person is more than recommended.

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