Many Visa Opportunities for Australia
26 May 2017

Australia has been appealing place for many Europeans Irish, UK and other. The great weather, sun, ocean as well as great place to have fun and work. The hot continent is very welcoming for expats and foreigners. The government has very good policy for people that can bring skills and knowledge to help local economy and business growth.

In 2016 about 7000 Irish people were issued Working Holiday Visas and about 3000 457 Sponsorship Visas. This clearly shows the high interest in Australia. There are many other different paths besides those two stated above. People are not aware of all opportunities and that is why we explain to clients that there are many options for them.

Recently the Australian government made significant number of visa regulation changes but still the pool of visas is quite big.

Below are listed a couple of visa programmes, which could help many applicants to visit Australia.

Permanent Residency Visa allows the holder to live and work in Australia without limits. Different options are available here depending on the visa type. The State Skilled visa requires to have a certain amount of points when you are evaluated. It does not require a job offer. Unlike the State Skilled Visa, Employer Nomination Scheme and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme require the applicant to show a job offer. The states in Australia publish a list of eligible occupations for which you can apply.

The Sponsorship 457 visa replaced recently by TSS is very popular among many Irish people. It gives you the opportunity to work for Australian employer. You can be granted 2 year or 4 year visa depending on your occupation. The application process is relatively fast especially in the cases when the employer is registered sponsor.

The Working Holiday Visa allows holders to live and work in Australia for one year. This visa is a good start for people to explore Australia and get the feeling of life there and to make the decision if they want to stay there longer.


Important change to note is that the Australian Border Control changed the way applicants receive citizenship. As of April 2017 applicants need first to get Permanent Residency and stay on it for 4 years.

More informationa about Australian visas find here.

Author: VisaFirst