Integration Program Helps Immigrants in Canada B.C. to Find Employment
12 Jan 2018

Canadian IEC- BC (Immigrant Employment Council of British Columbia) helps many people in British Columbia to integrate and find job in their field of competence. The support is provided through the so called FAST program which has great success and connects employers and internationally trained workers. The program has been originally designed to help several business sectors and occupations. Up to date it is supporting over 60 occupations in several sectors. The program helps many local businesses who need skilled employees from abroad. It serves as a mediator between immigrants and companies. According to the Canadian government annually over 350 000 immigrants will be needed to support the economy of Canada in the next several years.

The FAST program gives a lot of information online to the immigrants prior to their visit in Canada. They can find information about the labor market, local requirements, their business sector, assessment of their skills. Good information that could be useful is also the opportunity to improve their competences and skills as well as suggestions for career path in Canada.

The program is supported by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) which have to facilitate the communication between immigrants and business.

In order to use the services of this program the applicants must be approved for immigration to Canada and have over 2 years of experience in their field. The program supports employees in the field of skilled trades, IT and Data services, Biotechnology and Life Sciences. As it was discussed earlier by government officials it is very important not only to attract immigrants but to provide the best possible support for integration. This program is showing that support by government institutions and their will to secure good future of the immigrants and the local economy.

Author: Visa First