The Most Difficult Countries to Visit Requiring Visa
30 Jun 2017

Nowadays it is easier than ever to travel abroad. Millions are doing it for different purposes. Some are doing it for business others for tourism, immigration, sport etc. We all know that the low cost airline companies made the world smaller and internet gave us so much information that we could feel at home nearly everywhere having so much information at our disposal.

Despite all this technologies and ways of transport there are still boundaries which cannot be crossed or you can but it is very difficult. Political and economic restrictions require thither regulations in some countries and visitors are required to pass certain criteria in order to enter the country. Visas are still a serious obstacle to some countries and for some passport holders who are not obliged to travel visa free.

There are several countries where many people find difficulties to visit due to visa regulations. Those countries have many regulations and requirements which should be met in order to get visa and even more requirements to live and work there.

As we all know USA is one of the most difficult countries to visit. Even more difficult after the new president came and change a lot of migration regulations. Most of those regulations affect 7 countries which happen to be under the radar of the migration and border control. USA can be visited Visa Free by the citizens of only about 40 countries. Even those passport holders still need some documentation and paper work which happen to be as difficult to acquire as a visa. Even if are are just flying through USA you need a visa. In other words really visa free visit can enjoy only a Canadian passport holder.

Canada is another country which is very difficult to be visited if you don’t have a visa. In order to fly  through Canada like in USA you need visa as well which could be very inconvenient if you have to avoid Canada. The visa application process is quite tricky and even more if plan to live or work there. In this case you need visa and work permit as well.

United Kingdom – for many passport holders except European citizens it is very tricky to visit UK. Nowadays after Brexit it seems like hard time to visit UK will come even for EU citizens. In order to visit UK if you are not EU citizens you need for go through some serious check and paper work which you could mess at any point. So having and expert on your side is good idea.

Ireland is other EU country which you could find it tricky to visit if you are not EU citizen. Even if you are Eu citizen you are required to go through the immigration and make sure you have all the needed documents in order to stay and work there. In Ireland to live and work you are required like in Canada to have visa and work permit as well. The process of acquiring them is not one of the easiest and you need to be well informed about the details and pitfalls.

Japan is a country famous for its discipline, culture and work ethic. Well, it is the same with their border control. They have great traditions in this aspect and stick to them. The countries that have visa free regime are less than 70 and even acquiring a tourist visa is not so easy.

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Author: VisaFirst