How to Travel and Work Abroad
27 Oct 2017

Traveling abroad for many seems like almost impossible having in mind the long time they need to take off their jobs and the high costs of tickets, hotels, rent and other supporting the trip expenses. There is always a solution and many young people are doing it is by working while you travel abroad. Most of the UK travelers under 25 choose to travel in EU, which could change after the Brexit as British citizens may lose the right work in EU. Following Europe next most popular destinations Australia, New Zealand and Canada. According to the experts if you want to earn a decent amount of money while being abroad and support your trip you could do that relatively easy if you travel to Australia, New Zealand or Canada. The 3 countries offer Working Holiday Visa which allows the holder to live, work and travel for 1 year with an option to extend the visa for another one year.

Australia being one of the most popular destinations offers plenty of opportunities for work, good living standard and good wage for seasonal workers. It is also a paradise for backpackers. New Zealand offers Working Holiday Visa as well and many opportunities to work. The payment is a bit lower than in Australia. Canada is also good for Working Holiday visa but unlike the other countries, it has an annual quota for the participants. Each year the Canadian governments and Border Control decides what number of visas to grant for the IEC programme. Annually there could be one or two rounds of visa slots released as in 2017 season. In terms of employment and payment In Canada as well as in Australia you would find relatively easy a job as both economies are in very good shape and unemployment rate of 5.5% for Australia and 6.5% for Canada. The standard in Australia is a bit higher than in Canada. In Australia the minimum wage is higher, about $17 vs $11 in Canada per hour.

It doesn’t matter which country you will pick there should not be an issue to secure yourself a job to support your stay and have good time exploring the country.


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Author: Visa First