India Visas

Visa First can provide you with Indian visa. If you need Indian tourist, business, e-visa, employment or student visa contact us. Our visa and migration experts will provide you with the needed information and support about the documents, application process, requirements and all other specific details about each given visa. Please keep in mind that each visa and country has its own requirements about visa regulations and documents processing so proper application and documents preparation is vital for your visa and approval.

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Visto turistico per l' India

Indian tourist visa allows the holder to visit India for tourism, travel, sight seeing or visiting friends.

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Visto E-Visa per l' India

Indian E-Visa allows the holder to visit India for tourism, sight seeing, medical treatment, visiting friends.

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Visto business per l' India

The Indian Business visa is granted to people who want to visit India and establish company or conduct business, negotiate or make a business deal.

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Work Visas and Permits

Visto di lavoro per l' India

The Indian Employment visa is granted to foreign nationals working for Indian company. The visa could be granted also to self-employed and other temporary visitors entering the country for professional purposes.

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