Canadian Working Holiday Visa Program is Now Open
19 Oct 2016 The new quota for the Canadian Working Holiday Visa is now open. The applicants must be between 18-30 (up to 35 if you are an Irish passport holder) years old. The approved applicants has the right to work and travel within Canada up to 24 months with the IEC program. For more information about the requirements and new... Read more
Australia Working Holiday Visa Fee Reduced By $50 and Age Limit is Up to 35
06 Oct 2016 Good news for all applicants willing to visit Australia on Working Holiday Visa. The recent changes affecting visas subclass 417/462 made by the Australian government will reduce the government fee from previously $440 to $390. This is not the only change that will make a lot of people happy. Changed also is the age li... Read more
Need Canadian Work and Holiday Visa? Last Chance September 30th!
27 Sep 2016 If you need Canada Work and Holiday visa, it is better to hurry up. The quotes for 2016 season are going to be closed. The deadline for that is September 30th. It is important to submit your application within last  few days of September because you are going to wait for a while before next quotes. The new quotes... Read more
Top Expat Destinations
20 Sep 2016 Today’s life is different than years before when people used to live where they were born. Nowadays many chose to live far from their home town for various reasons. Social, professional, financial or just curiosity could be part of the drivers for moving abroad and choosing the life of an expat. In a recent survey the... Read more