Staying in Australia After Working Holiday Visa or Visiting New Zealand. What are the Options?
14 Jul 2017

Many people choose to visit Australia on working holiday visa for one year. This experience gives them quite a good idea of what the life and work feels like in Australia. As a result of that some people choose to leave and many are happy with the different climate, way of life, work and free time. Making up their mind to stay raises the question what are the options to stay and work legally in Australia or even visit the very close destination New Zealand.

Of course there are plenty of options for doing that. You just need to have a professional advisor next to you to assess your situation, your documents, skills and needs in order to give you the right advice and direction to proceed with your visa application. Not a rare case is when an Australian Working Holiday visa holders are willing to visit New Zealand with same visa Working Holiday but in New Zealand.

It is possible but of course there are some details which you should consider when applying.

If you are under 31 years of age you can apply for New Zealand Working Holiday Visa. If you are still in Australia and you are an Irish you don’t need to go back to Ireland. You can apply from there. Unlike in Australia in New Zealand you can work with one employer for one year. In Australia it is 6 months.

You can also get a New Zealand Work Permit Visa and it is available to almost all occupations if you have a job offer of course. If you have family members with you, spouse and kids, they have to apply on their own and cannot join you on your visa.

Another way to visit New Zealand is Skilled Migrant Visa. This visa requires to have a certain skills and when applying the applicant will pass an assessment. It is a permanent visa and it takes longer to apply for, about an year. There is a point-based system, which selects the most appropriate candidates. For this visa you need a job offer otherwise it is very difficult to be picked.


In any case or visa you select you need to proceed with application as soon as possible. Some documents and procedures could take longer so be prepared to be more organized.


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Author: VisaFirst