Australian Citizenship - is It Harder Now to Get It?
26 Sep 2017

Australia is attractive place for many people in Europe especially Irish citizens. The hot continent offers a lot to foreigners and is very welcoming to other cultures. The economy of the country is one of the strongest in the world and offers many opportunities for skilled people.

Many immigrants being there for a couple of years working are looking for a way to get citizenship. Some are wondering if it is still possible after the recently announced changes by the Australian border and Immigration authorities. Those changes are not meant to shut the door for the immigrants but only to make the control of the newcomers better and to improve the pool of people coming and staying in Australia.

Employees who have been in Australia for the past couple of years, 3-4 years still have the chance to apply for Australian citizenship. The difference after the new regulations are that the applicants now should first have at least 4 years on Permanent Residency visa and then apply for Citizenship. having in mind that make sure if you are on a Sponsorship visa or any other visa to get Permanent Residency as soon as possible.

The new rules for Citizenship are more stringent then before but not impossible. Now all applicants have to pass English test. Which of course includes reading, listening and writing. As mentioned before all applicants are required to have lived in the country for 4 years on Permanent Residency unlike until now only 1 year. Important for sponsorship visa holders now is that the years on Sponsorship visa does not count. Vital change is the new limited up to 3 times number of failed Citizenship application attempts. Until now there was no limit. Cheaters will be automatically disqualified from the application process. Applicants must show evidences of integration, employment, membership of different organizations and school enrolment for children if in appropriate age. There will be also a test for citizenship which is much more improved then before.


Bottom line is that becoming a citizen is not impossible only the way to it has become a bit longer and more complicated. That is why it is good to have a good advisor next to you in order to show you the necessary details you should keep an eye on in order to be successful when applying.


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