Changes to Migrate to Canada Have Doubled Since Jan 2015
29 Jul 2016

On 18st Sept, the Canadian Immigration issued invitations to 1545 candidates to apply for a permanent residency visa. This is excellent news for anyone looking to relocate to Canada.


A new visa entry requirements system was introduced by the Federal Government in the beginning of 2015 for anyone looking to apply for permanent residency .


Back in January, the government only invited 779 applicants to apply for a permanent residency visa and the applicant had to achieve a minimum score of 886 points.


Since then the number of applicants eligible to apply for the visa has increased and the number of required points has fallen. Currently the points required to be eligible for a PR visa has practically halved to only 450 points.


The number of invitations have DOUBLED, while the required points have dropped by HALF!


These invitations are being snapped up as people have waited anxiously for this opportunity to get their visa application underway.

The permanent residency visa is ideal for anyone looking to make a longer term move to Canada. A partner r family can also be included on this application.


The benefits include:


  • the right to work and access Canada’s enormous  employment opportunities.
  • access to free schooling for your children
  • entitlements to Canada’s renowned Medicare system.
  • freedom to leave and renter Canada as you wish
  • low tax system
  • low cost of living


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Author: Visa First