You Want to Work in Canada. There are a Lot of Opportunities and Visa Programmes
16 Jun 2017

Canada is one very popular destination for Irish people willing to work and live abroad. The country has to offer a lot. Its constant need of work force and powerful economic are very welcoming for foreigners. The Canadian government has special programmes to attract people from overseas to help their economy and business.

Despite the fact that Australia has the leading position for Irish people working abroad Canada build its reputation as good place for foreigners in terms of government regulations and visa opportunities. The weather is also much closer to the one on the Isle.

USA is one more very attractive destination for Irish migrants but with the new president and fast changing visa regulations Canada looks much safer than USA.

In general people can enter Canada on one year work permit. If the applicant is under 35 he is eligible and can bring his family as well.

Very popular amongst young people is the IEC programme or as it is more famous Canada Working Holiday Visa Programme. It allows people from many countries to live and work for 12 or 24 months. The applicants should be under 30 for some countries under 35 years. Required is to have 2500 Canadian dollars to support your stay. Health insurance and clean criminal record is needed as well.

The application process has 3 stages and is a bit complicated. All the needed documents have to be submitted properly and in the needed timeframe which could be tricky sometimes.

The Irish workers have good reputation and are welcome in Canada. The employers are willing to work with people from Ireland and this is one of the reasons many Irish passport holders to apply for Permanent Residency after being on Working Holiday Programme in Canada.


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Author: VisaFirst