Immigration New Zealand Implement Levy Fee for All Temporary Visitors
29 Jul 2016

A number of changes were announced by the NZ Immigration early this month which concerns the fee structure for New Zealand visa applications. Three key changes are to be introduced.

Borders Clearance Levy fee – This new fee will come into effect on 1st Jan 2016. It will cover the admin costs for border clearance upon arrival and departure from New Zealand. The border clearance levy fee is NZ$ 18.76 for air travellers and NZ$22.80 for cruise ship passengers. The levy fee will be included in the air or cruise ship ticket and will be charged by travel agents. Passengers arriving with private yacht or jet will be able to pay this fee upon arrival at the border.

Immigration Levy Fee - A new Immigration levy fee will replace the existing Migrant levy and this new levy will apply to all temporary and permanent visas as of 7th Dec 2015.  The immigration levy will be charged in addition to the immigration fee. The Migrant levy fee impacted just the permanent residency visas. The immigration levy will impact these and employment permits, student visas and tourist and business visitor visas.

Immigration Fee – The immigration visa fees will increase as of next week. The new immigration visa fees will vary depending on if the application is submitted within New Zealand, Pacfic or from the Rest of the World. can help you with your New Zealand working holidayessential skillsstudent visa or visitors application.

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Author: Visa First