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Canada Working Holiday Visa

Visa First is a privately held company and are not affiliated with the Government. We will process your Canadian Working Holiday Visa application through to completion. Our services and fee cover the checking of your documents and personal details for correctness before we lodge your application with the Government's processing system. In the event that we spot any missing information/documents from your application we will follow up by giving you a phone call or sending you an email to request the necessary details. You can also apply for your visa via the Government website at a lower price or for free.

Visa First organizes the Canada Working Holiday Visa Program (WHVP) for British, Irish and Australians. The Working Visa for Canada provides opportunities for young people from 29 countries among which Irish, British and Australians to enjoy extended holidays in Canada and gives them the opportunity to work for up to 24 months.

Irish nationals: This year the Program will allow 7,700 Irish passport holders to travel, live and work in Canada. The first round of the program has officially opened on 13 March and all 3850 places have been taken in a matter of minutes. The second round is still to be announced by the Canadian immigration authorities.

We remind you that the program also allows you to apply for 2nd year Canada working holiday visa. This means if you wish to extend your stay for another year while in Canada or if you have travelled to Canada on the same program several years ago – now you are eligible for working holiday again.

British nationals: The 2014 Canada Working Holiday quota is now closed.

Australian nationals: the Canada Working Holiday Visa Program for Australians is permanently open and you may apply for your Canadian visa with Visa First today.

The same application requirements and benefits apply for all three nationalities.

To be eligible for the Canada Working Holiday Visa you must:
  • Hold a British, Irish or Australian passport valid for the entire period of your intended stay in Canada (three years minimum validity is recommended) and;
  • Be aged 18-30 years inclusive at the time your application is received if you are from the United Kingdom or Australia. Be aged 18-35 years inclusive the time your application is received if you are from Ireland. Your application must be received on or after your 18th birthday, or before your 31st birthday if you are from the United Kingdom or Australia, or before your 36th birthday if you are from Ireland, and;
  • Be medically and criminally admissible to Canada under the Canada's Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.
  • Possess sufficient funds (CA$2,500) for your maintenance during your initial period of stay in Canada.
  • Possess a return ticket or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket.
  • Agree to undergo a medical examination by a physician recognized by the Canadian government to obtain authorization to visit Canada if you wish to undertake work which will bring you into close contact with: people namely in the health services field occupations, primary or secondary school, teaching or childcare.
  • Agree to hold medical and comprehensive hospitalization and liability insurance to remain in force throughout your stay in Canada.

You will be asked these questions again during online processing and your application will be screened for these criteria if you decide to participate in the Canada Working Visa program.

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