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Canada IEC Program 2015

Are you up for a year or two working in Canada? Visa First organizes the IEC Canada program also known as Canada Working Holiday program for nationals of Ireland, the UK and Australia. This type of Canadian visa provides opportunities for young people from 29 countries among which Irish, British, French and Australians to enjoy extended holidays in Canada and gives them the opportunity to work for up to 24 months.

To be eligible to participate in the IEC Canada program you must satisfy certain criteria like be under 31/35 years old, be healthy and of good character and possess some funds to support your initial stay in Canada.

The visa process goes in two stages. First stage is reserving a place in the quota or also known as IEC stage. Once the IEC stage is passed successfully, i.e. you are in the quota you will need to pay the fee and get a Conditional acceptance letter. This however, does not mean you got your Canadian visa yet. The visa or the Canadian work permit is received at the second stage or CIC stage after filing the rest of the necessary documents.

Last year working holiday program spaces for both Ireland and the UK were sold out in a matter of minutes. Therefore, it is very important that you are prepared as much as possible when the program opens this year. Visa First team of experienced visa professionals will take care of the paperwork around your Canadian Working Holiday visa starting from informing you when the program is about to be open, assisting you with the preparation of your IEC application and fully processing your CIC work permit.

Currently all programs are closed and there is no announcement when they will re-open for 2015. Register with us and we will notify you once the immigration announces the opening dates.

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Why Visa First?

Visa First process visas for over 30,000 clients worldwide every year. We have over 10 years of experience in processing various types of working and holiday visas. We employ the services of a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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