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China Tourist Visa

In order to visit China on holiday, you'll need to have a Chinese tourist visa. Our team will process your application with the Chinese Embassy through to completion, saving you the hassle of dealing directly with government officials. Apply with Visa First today.

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China Business Visa

Planning a business trip to China? You have come to the right place! Visa First will manage your Chinese Business Visa application from start-to-finish.

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About Travelling to China

If you want to visit China, you’ll need a Chinese visa. Visa First can help you get that!

China is one of the most popular destinations in the world and attracts millions of tourists and professionals each year. With sights like the impeccable Great Wall of China, the impressive Forbidden City in Beijing, or the formidable terracotta army in Xi’an, we can see why so many people choose to visit China. We also offer worldwide travel insurance, ensuring you can rest easy in the knowledge you’ll be covered should anything happen.

If you don’t want the effort of visits to embassies or consulates, then Visa First is for you! Our service is 100% online, and we will even email you a copy of your visa so you don’t have to travel to our office!

Apply for your tourist visa for China or your business visa easily with Visa First.

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