Australian Working Holiday Visa Facts

road sign in Australia

  • Over 154 148 people were granted Working Holiday visas to Australia in 2007-08.
  • It is expected that they would spend 2.4 billion Australian dollars while on a working holiday.
  • About 8 % of all applicants will apply for a second working holiday visa.
  • The 22% of the working holiday visas 2007-2008 were granted to UK citizens, followed by Korea with 21%.
  • Australia has another 18 reciprocal agreements with other countries.
  • On average working holidaymakers stay in Australia for 9 months and spend $16,000 during their stay.
  • Last fiscal year (2007-2008) 98% of all applications for working holiday visas were filed online.
  • 89,568 of these visas (57.9%) were granted automatically.
  • Only 0.6% of all working holiday makers overstayed their visas.


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