TOP 10 Best Paid Jobs in Australia

dental care

If you are wondering who’s getting the highest salaries in Australia and expect these are mining engineers and dentists, you might be surprised to see that crane, hoist and lift operators earn well above the average Australian pay of AU$ 34.70 an hour. Another profession that you’ve probably not expected in this list is the University lector earning an average of AU$ 57.60 an hour.

Top 10 Best Paid Jobs:

1. Anaesthetists earn $124.10 per hour. Anaesthetist’s average salary is AU$122,084 per year. But experience strongly influences pay for this job. It’s interesting that within the medical profession itself, surgeons and anaesthetists earn 2-3 times higher salaries compared to the general practitioners. The other medical practitioners, including obstetricians, gynaecologists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists etc. earn AU$70 an hour.

2. Dental practitioners get AD$ 68 per hour. Most dental practitioners are self-employed and can arrange their own working hours to suit patients. A dentist earns an average salary of AU$ 93,711 annually but this salary goes significantly down after 20 years of experience in the career.

3. Mining Engineers earn average AU$65.50 an hour. The mining sector is one of the most important ones for the Australian economy bringing in billions of dollars of export income and work for over 750,000 Australians.

4. Oil and Gas Engineering jobs – this industry includes Project Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Petroleum Geologists. Gas, Chemical and Power Plant Operators – they get AU$63.90 an hour.

5. Barristers get AU$61.80 per hour. The salaries in the sector start from AU$83,000. Legal jobs include solicitors, barristers, attorneys, lawyers.

6. Banking and Financial Services. The positions in the sector range from customer services, banking and sales positions to financial advisers and consultants. Salaries start from AU$73,914. Financial dealers get AU$60.80 per hour.

7. University lecturers and tutors earn an average of AU$57.60. An average salary in this area is AU$82,300 per year. The salary does not change much by years of experience.

8. ICT sales professionals- AU$57.60 / hour. These sales professionals should have technical knowledge of programmes and equipment selling. The starting salary is AU$60,000 per year.

9. Electronics Engineers- AU$55.90 / hour. The annual salary in the sector starts from AU$60,000.  It includes occupations like Electronics Engineers, Electronics

10. Building and Engineering technicians earn AU$55.70/ hour. Occupations in this industry include Maintenance Planners, Materials technicians, Building and Engineering Technicians. Building technicians usually provide technical assistance to Engineers, Surveyors and Architects.

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