Moving to Australia – What you need to know

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People consider emigration from their home country for various reasons. Some want to move to Australia to find a better-paid job and lower cost of living. Others are attracted by the weather and a different lifestyle. For many people, moving Down Under means a clean start.

As with any new endeavour, people are quite optimistic and tend to ignore prospective problems. Immigration is a serious step to take and a milestone in people’s lives, so we need to be level-beaded about it.

Australia’s Climate

If you are emigrating from the United Kingdom or Ireland, the sunny weather can be enough of a reason for you to switch countries. Consider the fact you are moving to a country with a colourful climate map. You can easily end up at the other end of the thermometer.

High temperatures should be considered as they can easily cause health problems or even casualties. You have to consider what climate suits you best. We suggest this to be a starting point for you in choosing where to live, as an attractive job opportunity simply doesn’t compensate for your health.

Job opportunities and costs of living

Check if you qualify for an occupation from the new Australian SOL (Skilled Occupations List). Average Australian salaries might seem attractive and the tax brackets reasonable, but they are only prerequisites for improving your living standard.

Your current lifestyle and future plans are the two main variables in the equation. You definitely need to know your net worth on the Australian job market. Besides the climate, this is probably the second most important factor in choosing an exact location to migrate to. Check what your options are by browsing through some recruitment options. The overall unemployment rate in Australia is 6.3%, however, it varies on different states.

beach in Australia

Crime rate

The crime rate decreased dramatically over the past 10 years. A detailed survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals the kind of problems Australian states have. You should definitely have a look at it when choosing a place to live. Some states have bigger problems with assaults and attempts of such and some are more concerned with the higher count of robberies.

Migrants have to consider many other factors. Leaving to another country means that you change the life of you and people you know, friends and relatives alike. Also, if you are moving Down Under with a child, you might be interested to learn more about the local education system. Basically, school education is mandatory in Australia for all ages between 6 and 16 and it’s divided into primary, secondary and senior secondary school.

You can find a full list of all Australian education institutions here. You also might prefer to move somewhere you can find more fellow-countrymen. You will need to have some cash in order to ease the transition. Those rainy days savings will really come in handy in the first 2-3 weeks, while you are settling in.

The migration process will take at least 6 months. If you are considering immigration to Australia, you have to prepare for a lengthy procedure. Usual processing time with Visa First is 7-8 months.

Your application will be professionally assessed and further instructions and guidance will be provided as the process goes on. For additional information about Australia Skilled Migration, you can e-mail us at


hello Im 22 years old and im from albania but i live in uk and my favorite cuntry is Australia what decument need to move in Australia thank you

My name isTeresa and I am a security guard with G4S I am 51 trying to getting information if I can move to Australia. I was told I was to old

I Want to move in australia I am 49year old I have italian passport Could you help me.sir

This is actually some really good information that I will be able to use thanks

Some great facts here. It’s an English-speaking country so it takes away the language barrier for people like me who moved to Australia. While the land down under is well known for its gorgeous summers, don’t underestimate just how hot it gets down here! Australia has one of the lowest air pollution levels in the world. Australians pride themselves on perfecting a work-life balance. With a strong economy and low unemployment rate (around 5%) Australia is a good place to find a new job.

Also, I'm an American as is my child. I forgot to specify.

I'm a 25 year old Cosmetologist with a 7 year old. I am interested in moving to Melbourne. I plan on continuing to do hair and makeup professionally and would like to eventually open my own business. What is my best option in taking the step forward?

Hi there, if you could give us your contact details, we will be able to call you and assess your visa options for Australia. Kind regards,

hi i'm 18 years old and i'm moving to australia to work as an mecanique engineer , i was just wondering is it a good place to live in ? as in is there anything i should know ? about problems over there or the law i should memorize

Hi Melissa, can you please call us back at +353 56 777 0227 and one of our visa specialist will assess your visa options. Alternatively, you can send an email to and we'll contact you back with detailed information. Kind regards, Visa First team

Hi, My name is Melissa and I am 32 years old from the United States. I recently visited Melbourne and want to start an adventure there! I graduated from FIT in NYC and studied abroad in London and Italy for footwear design. I had to take a break from it, and take care of my mom as she was having health issues. A change would be good, and I would like to give living in a new country a try. Can you please tell me how I go about doing this? Thank you! Any help would be appreciated!

Dear Sir/Madam, thank you for contacting us! In order to be able to assess your visa options, please email us at or call +353 56 777 0227 . Kind regards, Visa First team

Hi, We are a family of 6 plus pooch!! Our children are ranged from 6-16. We have the opportunity of a 2 yr contact in OZ but we are not sure of how this will effect our eldest with regard to schooling. He is just about to start A levels and Australia do not have A Levels as such, if he wanted to go to University in the UK would this still be an option for him? He could then travel back to OZ in the holidays. Such a huge move, please help.

Hi Paula, Can you please send your detailed CV to and one of our representatives will give you a call back with all your visa options for Australia. Kind regards, Visa First team

Hi, my name is Paula and I'm from Argentina. I'm a civil engineer, and I'm doing a Ph.D in soil mechanics. I speak english and italian (and spanish of course). Once I finish the Ph.D I would like to move to Australia. Could I get a visa to work in Australia??

Hi Jadupati, please send us your CV to and we'll be able to assess your visa options. Kind regards, Visa First team

hi,,this is jadupati Rout 34yr ,i want to move australia from india permanently,i am a graduate in arts,diploma in hotel management was 12 years ago,also Bachelor in education(BEd),pgdca in computer,english is average,can i get any job in australia?or what business can i do?so i can move with my wife 28yr and daughter 8 yr for ever,also to get citizenship.what to do?how much money require in INR,plz give details,i had never before gone outside india. (rupsa,balasore,india)

Hello!I I'm from greece , I'm 16 years old and I want to move to Australia as a student!Would it be difficult for me?

Hello , I am from England but when I am 18 I am hoping to move to Australia to do some sort of animal course which would give me good qualifications so that I am able to work over there in a zoo or become a vet.I am really stuck about which college to go to or how I would even go about it? I know Australia zoo do , do apprenticeships but I also don't know a lot about this as would need a college I do have family living in Brisbane also.

Hi, my name is Jessica and I have some friends in Australia. I want to move my 3 sons, ages 2-11, and myself to Australia to live for a fresh start. I am trying to find help on how to do this. I have never traveled outside the US before.

Hi I am 38 years male from India. having 15 years of experience in engineering field. Want to move to Australia with family (wife and a kid 10 years old). I want to apply for PR but if i do not get a proper job I dont wanna move.. What are the pros and cons of this decision? Thanks

Hi, I want to move to Australia and work as a general nurse in hospitals or even GP surgery, I haven't finished studying yet but once I would like to move ASAP how would i go about this as I am under the impression that finding working in a medical ground would be slightly different then finding work in a office etc..

Hi, myself (35) my husband (45) and our 3 children (16) (12) (10) are wanting to move to australia to live, from the uk, we have 3 family units out already and have been offered a house that belonged to an elderly family member. We own our house outright (no morgage, no rent) in the uk and will sell to get the capital to move. Can we get visa through them sponsering us? Niether of us are skilled as such, although my husband is ex-navy and now owns his own cleaning company. Any info, gratefully recieved x

hi peter, if you apply for the first year WHV before your 31, you will have the chance for a second year whv. (you must meet the australian criteria), to become an australian citizen is possible but is very dificult and cost. George OZ

Hi my name is Peter and i am 30 years old and i live in cyprus but my father is british and my mom from cyprus and i born in uk and i will like to go to australia to work but i need to know if im having any issues with my age if my visa expired after the first year and i need to apply for the second when i will be 31 years old it is possible to give me the second visa to stay more or until i become australia citizen thanks

Hi there..I am Jason. I am in penang Malaysia at the moment..I want to go to Aussie, for study purposes and the fact that Aussie is amazing with its economy,I need to know everything that I have to do to get myself and my partner there. I hope that I could get some information on this matter..besides, I guess if I could get couple of contact numbers whereby I could drop a line to the appropriate department, that would be a real help for me.. Thank you.

Hi, My husband and I want to move to Australia to live and work there, we are newly weds with no kids what are the procedure that we should start with, and do you think they will accept us moving there ?? Please note that we are lebanese :D Thank you

Dear Jan, You son would generally need a student visa to be able to get trade qualifications in Australia. He may also be eligible to apply for a child migration visa and remain in Australia permanently based on the fact that his dad is an Australian citizen. For more information you can contact us on 00353 (0) 56 777 0227 or email Kind regards

Meant to say my son is from Scotland Would appreciate your quick response. Thanks Jan

Hi, my son wants to go and live with his dad in Australia, he wants to go to college and learn a trade then work for his dad who is an Australia citizen now, what kind of visa would he need, he is 16. Thanks

Hey, My friend and I are planning on taking a gap year, we live in England and would like to stay in Australia for 6 months. Is there any legal things we need to do? and also where would be a good place to stay? we're not made of money so we need somewhere cheapish? maybe a small flat or something? any advice would be amazing :D thankyou! <2

Hi MY name is zubair i am from Afghanistan i want to go austrila is it possoble to go austrila as a student

Hi, I am Zubair from India living in India, I've graduated from school, I wanted to continue my positivity in the beautiful country of Australia Is it possible for me to go austrila as a student please answer my message i am wait you please help me bye

Hi. I'm from Cambodia. I want to move to Australia with my husband and my two children. I'm only 28 year old and my husband is 30 year old. I and my partner can speak English . I special in accounting . And my husband specialist in design and architect. Now day I also have property and work in Cambodia

We plan to move there soon but as i know, it is more difficult for the Vietnamese people vietnam hotels hanoi

Hi Chantelle, You can all go together as a family, provided that either your's mom or dad are eligible for the visa- have a skills which is on the demands list, have relevant qualifications or work experience, etc. IN regards to Your eldest brother who is 19, do you know if he is still dependent on his parents? He could be included on the visa although he is over 18, provided that the parents can show proof that he is still living with them, they pay for food, clothing, etc, that he is not working now etc. Generally the Immigration may refuse a visa if any of the applicants have serious medical conditions who require special treatment in Oz which will cost a lot of money to the Oz economy. It would be up to Immigration to decide whether or not the visa would be granted. In my opinion, this should not be an issue, as it's not a disease what will result in expense for the Oz economy. Regards, Emo

Hi, my name is Chantelle. My mum (39 years old), my dad (42 years old) and my 3 brothers (12, 15 and 19 years old) are hoping to move to Australia in order to provide a better standard of life for the children, especially the 19 year old who has learning difficulties. My parents attended an open day which provides information on how to move to Australia however when my parents asked about my disabled brother and how to get him out there with them, nobody could give them an answer. Can you give us any information or point us in the right direction please? Any information would be grately appreciated. Thanks (They are coming from the UK by the way)

Hi, my name is Chantelle. My mum (39 years old), my dad (42 years old) and my 3 brothers (12, 15 and 19 years old) are hoping to move to Australia in order to provide a better standard of life for the children, especially the 19 year old who has learning difficulties. My parents attended an open day which provides information on how to move to Australia however when my parents asked about my disabled brother and how to get him out there with them, nobody could give them an answer. Can you give us any information or point us in the right direction please? Any information would be grately appreciated. Thanks (They are coming from the UK by the way)

Hi suraj, it's highly dependable of the visa type you want, try our live chat ( and our migration experts will help you further.

hy i am suraj from gujrat . india. and i want go australia could you say me that how much mpney i am to spend in visa and pasport.....pleas replay......

Hi , i'm 17 from malaysia . How if i want to move to australia new south wales. I need help . Thank you

Hi, I'm 22 years old and plan on graduating college next June. My boyfriend, an australian citizen is coming over in about a month on a work and holiday visa we have been dating for over 2 years now going back and forth on ESTA's. When I graduate I plan on moving to Australia but I'm not sure of how to begin the process. If you could give me any advice I would greatly appreicate it, thanks.

hi, we are considering moving to australia, my husband is a time served car spray painter can you tell me if it is possible to get visas etc with a criminal record please, it is a spent conviction, any help would be much appreciated

Hi, I am 33 year old single with 2 year old son from Pakistan. working here as a freelance designer through internet and locally. I want to move Australia But don't know how it can be possible and which process can be easy? I want to know in which city i can get good job and where can i give my son best education and healthy life. Thanks.

Hi, am a 27 year old, Am a Civil engineer and doing job as a Bridge Engineer in a MNC, i want to move in Australia work and live i want to know about visas and what documents i would need

Also to mention i am in scotland and my family are all brittish

Hiya im a 27 year old senior infustructure technincian on the railway in the S&T faulting and maintenece for the last 7 years.Ihave a wife and five kids and was looking into the options of moving to australia. My sister is coming to work here on a working visa allready approved and my fathers uncles and aunties stay in australia allready. I was looking for some advice and guidance on the steps i would have to do. I done the point system calculator and seemed to have enough points just not sure if i need sponsor and what requirements are also needed. If someone could get intouch to even point me where to start be much appreciated thanks in advance.

Hi Debbie, It's better if you talk with our migration specialists directly, they will give you all options you have and they'll help you decide which one is best for your case. You could fill this free assessment application form and get a free callback with your best options, or if you prefer - call directly to 0207 659 9180 (local phone).

I am an Australian citizen of british birth , married to an Englishman and i have teenage children in Australia from a previous marriage of whom we wish to care for upon my return. We want to imigrate this year and would like to know where to start. my husband is 56 , I'm 46 would this have any effect on the application? Also what capital would we need before departure ?

Hi Jackie, Where are you from, because your options for migration in Australia depends a lot from nationality to nationality.

Hi I'm looking to move my family myself partner and 2 young sons to austriala to live on a perminant basis can you advice me on the best place to get information on this as I want to start the ball rolling ASAP Thanks in advance Jackie xx

My sista is 85yrs old, she would like to come to Sydney Australia to live near me. What does she have to do, her husband passed away so she is on her own. Can you please help. We can sponsor her. Thanks.

hi, my name is amy and myself and my partner want to move to australia for a better life and are dream job the only thing we are worried about is our son how will we go over with him we have family over there that will mind him. We got told that we need to do a lot before going over we just don't know where to start could you help me please.

Hi Kerry, All you have to do is to send your contact number at and a visa specialist will call you back to explain you the procedure for the sponsorship visa. Best regards, VF

Hi I am thinking of moving to Australia with my husband and two daughters. I am 26 and he is 29. My husband is an Electrician with 13yrs experience. Where do I start with getting a sponsorship? How much money do we need savings and is debt an issue? Any help and advice would be great. Thanks Kerry

Hi Gillian, Best thing to do is to contact the migration department at : They will give you all the necessary details that you need in order to apply for the visa. Best regards, Ivan

hi i want to move to Australia with my partner child to work and live i want to know about visas and what documents etc i would need

Hi there, You can send your CV at and a visa specialist will get back to you with your options. Best, Visa First Team

Hi im 26 me and my husband and our 5 year old have been considering moving, i have the opportunity for an imternal transfer through the company i work what visa should i look into.


Hi Sarah, Thank you for your query. Generally it is required to have access to at least AUD 5000 when going to Australia on a working holiday visa for 12 months. Best regards, VisaFirst team

Hi there, i am looking to move to austrailia next year for 12 months, see how it goes and maybe more. as i will be going out and getting a job. how much money do you reccomend i take to live by on for a month?? thanks

hi im 23 years old ,i woud like to move and work in australia my main job role is security,i was wondering if you could tell me what the security industry is like down under also how easy is it to find a job, and what visa would i need? and would you recomend that i take the 6 months visa mentiond in an earlyer post? thanks

I am 39 and would like to move my family to australia,but I am clueless as to where to move to. We live just outside of los angeles, ca. Can anyone help as to what city would be the easiest to adjust to?

hi i'am 25 and married with a 5year old son we r thinking about moving to aus but iam not sure where to start and what sort of visa would be best suited for us. My dad leaves out there and i think would have to check but iam sure he has a duel passport now and my half brother definitely does seen as his mum is australian.

im 41 and i live in nsw australia i have falling in love with a guy and he lives in the UK and we are trying to find a way to get him over here to live with me and start our lives together can u please help me by emailing me any help will be helpfuly thank you

Hi... I am 34 from the Uk am looking to move to Auz and i don't have a clue where to start... I have been in the printing industry for 8 years and would like to continue in printing in Austraila. Any help would be appreciated Cameron

Hi there, my grandad was Auatralian, does that allow me to apply for Australian citizenship? thanks a lot for your help. Jamie

Hello, My boyfriend and I are moving to Adelaide in January 2011. He is a resident there, currently working in America due to his work in Australia. I am a US citizen but I am hoping to work in Australia once I move there. I have my Bachelors of Science in Advertising and Communications from a University in the US. Will that help me with my work visa at all? I am not sure how long I will be staying. Whether it be a year or forever. Would it be best to start off with a Holiday Visa and then attempt to get my Permanent Work Visa if I get an employer to sponsor me? Any advice on what sort of a work visa I should go for would be appreciated. Thank you! Kind Regards, Amanda

Hello Becky, I have forwarded your question to a specialist and we will get back to you shortly, Regards, Boyana

Hi there,ok so last year i came to australia on a tourist visa and i met a man and i went home applied for my working holiday visa and i am now back here,im living with him,i have been here 3 months now and i know i have to do farm work to get my second visa but what do i do after my second visa to stay in the country living with him?

wonder if anyone can help me, im looking to move to Aus with my partner, im a student leaving college in july as a masarge therapist, and my parter is a barman, although he is 23 and his dad is austrailian... what is the best way to go about it to live in austrailia and settle down? any help please x


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Hi, My partner and I would love to emigrate to australia. Can we still apply even though he has only just qualified as an electrician?

hi, please can you help.. i would like to move to austrailia and would like to know to go about it... my partner is a electrician and would like to know where the best place to live is.. we are also looking to buy a property. thanks

hi there , im 16 years old and i really want to moveto perth w/a . I live in glasgow just now but my mum is originally from perth , and my grandad is still living in australia i was wondering if anyone could feed me information on if it's possible for me to get there with my grandad still living there etc . thank's alot

i have just started my visa it is a permanent visa just wondering how long it will take.

Hi im 20 and have been working in the police for the past 2 years in the uk and was woundering the best place to move to in either Melbourne or Brisbane. Also, what visa should i apply for and how long roughly will it take? I will be out there permanantly. Thank’s

hello, i ve got my work visa all sorted there's 2 things id like too know. 1 will i be ok on a 1 way flight ( i will have a fixed address and i am also looking for a sponsor). 2 do i need a company who can transfer my money or can i just get a bank account when i am out there. sorry perth australia thanks

hi my name is natalie and i realy want to migrate to australia. i want to no what u need to get in to the country and how i go aboute getting a vesa thanyou

hi. im 30 and have been working in the IT call centre profession for 10 years. i am looking at emigrating and have an auntie and uncle who live in australia. im aware that a succesful application is based on a points system. could you advise if id be succesful with family members and being an IT Professional. can you also send me any relevant informaton, thanks

Hi, I'm 22 and after finishing university I would like to move to Australia for around 6 months to work. What visa do I need to apply for? Thanks

Hi, I'm 34 years and I want to move to Australia, what document do I need? Please, help me.

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