Apply for second Working Holiday Visa from Australia?

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Another question we receive a lot – “Can I apply for a 2nd year Australian Working Holiday visa from Australia or do I need to go home?” The answer here is straightforward – yes, you can apply for your second Australian working holiday visa from both inside and outside of Australia. Usually, you don’t need to go home before applying for your extension.

Anyhow there are many factors which take place under different circumstances. Sometimes it could be a better option to take it after going home. Depending on your long term plans it might be even better to consider other options, apart from the second year Working Holiday Visa in Australia.

  • VisaFirst Client: Hello.
  • Manesha: Hi Joanne,
  • VisaFirst Client: Can I apply for a Working Holiday visa extension from Australia or do I need to go home?
  • Manesha: You can apply from within Australia or from outside, but it is best if you apply from outside of Australia.
  • Manesha: If you apply from within Australia then you may need to get chest x-rays and medicals.
  • VisaFirst Client: OK, if I apply from the UK do I need a medical?
  • Manesha: If you apply after a month from departing Australia then you should not need to.
  • VisaFirst Client: I am trying to get sponsored from a company, or a family member. How close does the family need to be?
  • Manesha: Family member needs to be a direct relative. What is your occupation?
  • Manesha: If you are looking to stay in Australia long term then you should apply from outside of Australia as it is generally a lot faster.
  • VisaFirst Client: Have you any idea what I would need from the UK if a company was to sponsor me. I’m a beauty therapist.
  • Manesha: You need to have formal qualifications and your qualifications will be assessed.
  • VisaFirst Client: My friend said something about signatures from my teachers.  Would it be easier to get a second year working holiday visa, then try to get sponsored with the company I’m already working for?
  • Manesha: The easier option is the working holiday visa but if you really like Australia and you want to stay for longer then you should invest in getting sponsored. I guess you need to decide what your long term plans are.
  • VisaFirst Client: OK, lovely. Thank you! The last question – If I go to Thailand before I go home, can I apply for my 2nd visa whilst I’m there.
  • Manesha: Thailand is amazing! You can apply for your visa from anywhere. You should apply once you have been outside of Australia for a month.
  • VisaFirst Client: And how long do you think it will take to come through?
  • Manesha: We can get it in as little as 2 working days.
  • VisaFirst Client: Lovely, thank you for your help, have a lovely day!

If you have a similar query and need our assistance, you can drop us a line at Sometimes it is quite tricky to obtain the desired visa, and it cost you nothing to ask us about visa issues.

Updated: December 2012


Can a person apply for a second year 417 working visa whilst on a tourist visa?

Hi Elie, No. US passport holders are not eligible for a second working holiday visa. They can avail of a sponsorship visa instead. For more information, contact +1 866 772 9245. Kind regards, Visa First team

Can Americans apply for a 2nd working holiday?

hey there am training to be a beauty therapist, i was just wondering if its the same qualifications over here that you need for over there, and is it better to apply over in the uk for a visa. thank you

hello i am planning on going to Australia on a working holiday visa i am a UK qualified electrician, my question is, can i apply to stay in oz on a permanent visa whilst already there on a WHV thanks jon

Hi there I want to apply for a working visa to the UK i was born in australia but i want to go to south east asia for 3 months before I go to the UK. Can I apply for work visa from bangkok? Thank you for your help!

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