Famous UK entrepreneur criticizes the immigration policy of the government

One of the leading UK entrepreneurs Sir James Dyson has openly criticized the overly restrictive immigration rules that are currently being implemented in the UK. Dyson, who is mostly known for its company that produces vacuum cleaners, has called a “sheer madness”, the UK policy to train foreign engineers at its universities and then not to allow them to remain in the country.

Sir James founded his Dyson manufacturing company in 1993. His company sells mainly vacuum cleaners around the world. He has also developed hand dryers and a ball wheelbarrow. He is said to be worth in excess of £3bn.

Recently Mr Dyson tried to expand his research and development facility in Malmesbury, by hiring 3500 new people, but he complained that the restrictive immigration policy makes it very difficult for UK companies to hire engineers.

In an interview on the TV Network Sky News, he said that almost 90% of the researches in STEM areas are foreigners and the government should do something to make them feel more welcome. At the same time, however, the ruling Conservative coalition, which came to power in 2010 has repeatedly promised to cut the net immigration number to less than 100 000 people per year.

Prime Minister David Cameron has imposed numerous restrictions on foreigners from outside EU and EEA in order to limit potential immigrants from coming and remaining to work and live in the United Kingdom.

Many industry leaders, however, warned that such measures will be counterproductive and might do quite a lot of damage to the country’s economy. In addition to that, people that work in the higher education industry have complained that the restrictive measures hit mostly the foreign students, who do not constitute a significant part of UK immigrants and rarely claim government benefits.

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