Applying for an Australian visa with a criminal history?


Can I apply for an Australian visa if I had a criminal record in the past?

You need to satisfy the basic character requirements and to advise us if you have any criminal conviction inside or outside Australia. You may be asked to provide a court transcript and a receipt of fine paid, as part of your visa application. Each application is assessed and decided individually, so it’s up to the Immigration authorities to decide whether you can be granted a visa or not.

What are the character requirements?

There are numerous questions on the criminal history on the application form for an Australian working holiday visa. These include:

  • Have you ever been convicted of an offence in any country?
  • Have you ever been associated with an organisation engaged in violence or engaged in acts of violence(including war, insurgency, freedom fighting, terrorism, protest) either overseas or in Australia?

Visa first would ask you to confirm this information prior to your visa lodgement.

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What will happen if I hide my criminal history?

It was recently announced that an Irish man who failed to declare his criminal records in the past, including possession of drugs and bomb-material making, was deported from Australia. He entered the country on a Working Holiday visa back in 2013 without stating anything about his previous criminal convictions. This was revealed by the Australian authorities only after he overstayed his visa. This guy was investigated further and deported back to Ireland.

Peter Dutton, the Australian Minister of Immigration said that this should be a warning to other young people looking to enter Australia and trying to not show their criminal past. He also stated: “Australia will not be a destination for criminals to avoid charges in other countries.

I have previously made it clear that one of my priorities would be to remove those with serious criminal behaviour who are not Australian citizens. This is another example of a criminal removed from the Australian community. People who do not respect the law and do not uphold the values of Australia are not welcome.”

Remember, living in Australia, on a temporary or permanent basis is a privilege, and it is expected that all visa holders are observing the law.

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