How long does it take to process a Working Holiday visa for Australia?

A client of ours is interested to know how fast she can receive her Australian Working Holiday Visa. As the chat continues another interesting question pops up. One of the prerequisites to get the visa is to have at least 2,200 GBP in your bank account before you go. Can she still make it to Australia and back if the funds in her bank account are not sufficient to cover these criteria? Find out in the chat session below.

  • Peter: Hi Fay
  • Fay: Hi, how come you can process a visa so quickly if a travel agent takes 6 weeks?
  • Peter: Visa First is a visa agent and we deal with Australian and New Zealand Immigration directly.
  • Fay: Okay
  • Peter: Would you like to apply for your visa now?
  • Fay: How much does it cost?
  • Peter: 115 GBP is just for the 12 month Working Holiday Visa
  • Peter: Our basic arrival pack is 164.97 pounds and it includes the Australian Working Holiday Visa + Australian Bank Account + Australian Tax File Number /similar to the NIN in the UK/ and you get a free Vodafone Australian Sim Card.
  • Fay Evans: Is there a requirement to have a certain amount in the bank account on arrival?
  • Peter: Yes, you must have 2200 GBP in your bank account.
  • Fay: What if you don’t have that much?
  • Peter: Then you should have a return ticket at least.
  • Fay: Okay. Does it make a difference if I have a job secured before I get there?
  • Peter: Not for this visa.
  • Fay: What if I don’t have anywhere near that amount in the account?
  • Peter: Will you have a return ticket?
  • Fay: Yes
  • Peter: Then it is fine.
  • Fay: So it’s not likely that I would be deported or anything?
  • Peter: The Working Holiday visa is the easiest and cheapest visa to get – so don’t worry – they will let you in :). People with criminal records are also getting the Working Holiday visa as well – you will have no problems getting in and out of Australia.
  • Fay: Okay, thanks!
  • Fay: Is there any other way of paying other than over the phone?
  • Peter: You can send the money from the post office, or from the bank. The address is on our web site
  • Fay: Oh, okay. I would prefer to do that rather than over the phone that’s all.
  • Peter: It will take a few days more.
  • Fay: That’s not a problem I just didn’t want it to take weeks!
  • Peter: I will e-mail you the application form for you to complete. All the details are on the application form.
  • Peter: You can check your e-mail now.
  • Fay: Thanks!

As you can see there are workarounds and the requirements are flexible. If you have any doubts whether you are eligible you can always write to us at We will do whatever we can to help you obtain an Australian Working Holiday visa.


Hi I have recently applied for my working visa for oz. I thought it was already sorted however as I'm in Bangkok (But UK citizen) I have to have a chest X-ray. My flight to Oz is on the 9th Feb and my X-ray is booked for 4th Feb, does that leave enough time for the boss to be completed if everything is done online. Thanks

I saw that the US wasn't listed as a country for the requirements to get a working Holiday Visa, what visa would I have to apply for specifically and how long would it take to receive it?

Hi Alex, Your visa starts running from the moment you enter Australia and cannot be freezed up. You can call us at +353 1 878 3329 to discuss your options. You can also reply me with your telephone number and a visa specialist will call you back to discuss it over the phone. Best regards,

Hi Jeremy, We need to locate your file on the system first, so we can advice you in a proper way. Please call us at +353 1 878 3329 and we will assist you in your query. Regards,

Hi, I would like to know the options available for the working holiday visa. I am looking to go for a month to work and then return once the month up. I would like to return to Australia 6 months later and wondered if its possible to then take the remaining 11 months when I return. Is this possible? Thanks, Alex

Hello, I appiled for a woking holiday visa and due to previous health conditions I was forced to have a chest x-ray and physical. I have completed all that, and now I am wondering how long it will take to heard a response. Does anyone have an idea, or maybe have goon through same situation. Any info would help. Thanks, Jeremy

Hi Hannah, We can confirm all the necessary details now and process your application, however in order for the work visa to be approved you need to be outside Australia. If you can send us your telephone number at a visa specialist will contact you back and will explain you all the options you have if you decide to stay longer and work in Australia. Best regards,

Hi, I am currently in Australia on a holiday visa, due to return to the UK the end of March (we have return flights booked). Is it possible for me to get a working visa whilst I am out here as I am now thinking I may wish to work? and if so can I change my flights and stay here for longer-subject to me getting a job! thanks, Hannah

i just purchased the visa, i would like to know how long it takes to officially receive it, I have a flight scheduled for October 10th, do you know if ill get my visa in time before then?

Hi Nick, The official requirement states that you should have at least 5000 Australian dollars upon arrival ( can be in a bank account, credit card, travelers cheques, etc). A one way ticket is fine, as long as you have enough money to purchase an outward ticket. In your case you will be able to prove that you can purchase such a ticket, so you are all fine. Have you organized the visa already? Best regards, Deyan

Myself and my husband would like to look into moving to Aus/Adelaide, we have two small chrildren 2 and 4, he is a carpenter by trade and I work in HR although not qualified have 12 years experience, I also have my uncle and family in Adelaide/ Australia, what visa's should we look at applying for etc etc, my husband is 47 is he to old also?

If i had 2200 GBP in my account and i have only a one way ticket is that ok?? London-Melbourne one way then During my year in Australia, i will buy for sure my return ticket is that ok??? or i really need to have with me a return ticket ????????

Hi Steffan, If all is fine with your application, the visa will be granted just in a few days. Best thing to do is to proceed with it now and we will finalize the process once you turn 18. Poly Brown, the visa agent that is dealing with your case can give you a call later on today to confirm the rest of the details over the phone. Best regards, Ivan Mullen VF

Hi I was wondering if you could help me out - I have a trip booked for the 9th December 2012 - but am not 18 till the 2nd December 2012 - Is that enough time to process my working holiday visa and how much will it be?

Hi, I applied online for my working holiday visa (417) on the 17th of October. The government's website says that visas are usually processwithin 2 days but can take up to 4 weeks. Even just a glance over google shows British citizens getting their visas within days, some of them even hours. I've been in and out of Australia on tourist visas since 2008, my last trip being this July. My chest x-ray was clear and I've submitted a copy of my bio-data page of my passport. Can you tell me what sort of factors are slowing up my application? Thanks J.

Hi I want to go and visit my cousion in perth australia on a whv but won't have the sufficent funds that is needed but will get a return ticket is that possible to do thanks.

Hello Gary, We can't help you obtain a working holiday visa because you don't meet the age criteria anymore. However, immigration is still an option for you. Should you consider it, contact us back as this process can take several months, and is more expensive. Regards, Boyana

Your query is somewhat complicated, so we have forwarded it to one of our specialists. Expect an answer in a couple of business days. Regards

hi just wondering anyone can help me out with this question.. i was in oz 3 years ago and i was a victim of crime which i ended up in hospital for 9 day. and four months in a cast. i didnt work for age after would i b able to apply for another visa under the circumstances?

Jenna, How long did it take for them to process your Visitor's Visa to Australia? The Aussie embassy in DC received my application 2 weeks ago but they are saying it takes an average of 20 business days to process a tourist visa application. I'm scheduled to travel in 8 days so this obviously does not work for me. Any insight you can provide would be very helpful... Thanks!

Hello I live in Canada and have already acquired my Visitors Visa to enter Australia. I was just wondering how long it takes to physically receive your Holiday Working Visa, and if you can receive it while you're in Australia as long as you applied while in Canada? Do you need a physical copy, or does it work similar to an ETA in the way that it's electronically attached to your passport? Thanks a bunch :)

I would like to apply for an australian visa not sure wich is best or what i can get. My immediate family ie:father,mother and brother are over there already and have recntly aqquired thier residency permits......i heard there is a visa i can get if my family is over there already. many thanks

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