Global Tourism Trends in 2015.


Boundaries and tourist visa documents are not an issue anymore for globalization.

Globalization and modern technology influences every part of our life. Same is the situation with travel and tourism. There are a number of facts that accommodate the increasing number of people travelling abroad every year.

The jet planes make the distances look shorter, the digital age makes the communication much easier. You can book a trip, hotel online. You can have even your business or tourist visa online as well. The growing global economy and rising middle class make more and more trips abroad every year.

According to the UN World Tourism Organization, more than 1.2 Bln people travelled abroad during 2015 and this number will increase by 50% next 10 years. In the same spirit, the global spending of tourists during 2015 reached $1.5trillion. Until 2025 more than 280 Mln households will be travelling internationally. The rising income on a global level creates new people travelling abroad. The families that have an income of $20 000 or more per year are forming 90% of all travellers.

Another group of people that is increasing its number is 65+ aged travellers which purpose is the so-called “medical tourism”. This specific group of people are looking for more comfort and health and are less concerned about saving money. That will certainly change the global tourism and will lead to new trends and services offered by the business.

The new technologies and rising demands in travel and tourism are leading to needs for more facilities to serve that. In the next decade there more than 340 airports are expected to be built.

This will make global travel much easier and convenient in many cities across the globe. The digital age is making travel booking and comparing prices more convenient.

The countries spending the most on travel abroad are – China $137 Bln, USA $101 Bln, Germany $74 Bln, UK $61 Bln, Russia $22 Bln. China is expected to almost double its spending abroad by 2025 to $255Bln.

The rising global tourism will lead to an increase in spending abroad. The forecast for 2025 $5300 per average household. The spending includes food and hotels but not tickets. There is a great economic and political interest in that industry so that will lead to lower Visa requirements and regulations.

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