Increased number of Immigrants are expected to arrive in Australia in the next several years

map of Australia

According to a recent report released by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, the net immigration flow to Australian in the year 2016 will increase to 208 000 people per year from the current level of around 198 000.

Historically most of the incoming immigration was comprised of UK citizens (28.6%), Chinese (23.7%) and Indians (21.2%).

The largest numbers of students were coming from China (30%) India (16.4%) and Malaysia (5.4%).

The majority of the working visa holders were from South Korea, UK and Ireland.

The report of DIAC predicts that in the next several years most of the foreign immigrants will be from China and India.

Despite that, UK citizens will still continue to make up a significant proportion of the total migration inflow.

One of the largest contributors to the increase is expected to be relatives to Australian citizens and permanent residents.

Furthermore, Australia expects at least 7000 settlers who will come under the Humanitarian Visa Program.

The highest number of immigrants will remain to be those, who fall into the Skilled Worker category.

People who want to qualify for Skilled Migrant Visa to Australia must have one of the 190 professions which are listed in the Australian Skilled Occupations List.

According to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship some of the most demanded professions in Australia during the next several years will include: Doctors, Nurses, Therapists (physiotherapist, occupational, etc.), Engineers (geotechnical, electronics, industrial, etc.) and Tradesmen (electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc.).

After 1st July 2012, all Skilled Visa applicants must first submit Expression of Interest online.

Furthermore, they will need to pass a points test in order to be allowed to apply for an Australian visa.

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