Travel Trends for 2012

Cox & Kings are travel experts that plan luxury trips for centuries now (since 1758).

They have created the following list with travel trends for the soon coming 2012. Here are some of them:

  1. “’ End of the world’ Journeys” – Apparently, it’s become very popular among travellers to go on trips to not so popular destinations due to the belief the world is coming to an end in 2012. Such destinations areAlbania, Serbia, Greenland, the Russian Far East, Uzbekistan, Falkland Islands and Papua New Guinea.
  1. “Mind, Body & Soul Vacations” – some travellers wish to learn new meditation techniques and proper nutrition. For the purpose they travel to Bali, as well asLaosandMyanmarwhere they also visit Buddhist temples where Buddhist monks live and study.
  1. “Ancestral Travel” – In 2012, the Cox & Kings experts say it’ll be very popular to travel to history-rich destinations, such as Russia, the Baltics, China, Japan, Lebanon and West Africa.
  1. “Off-Season Travel” – More and more destinations become more appealing during the off-season because they are simply more affordable. Such are: India in May, Brazil and Turkey in October, Moscow during Christmastime, and China in April.
  1. “Supporting Evolving & Recovering Societies” – Although the safety in countries that have experienced national trauma is questionable, it is still a growing trend among tourists to visit such places. Some areColombia, Egypt, Japan, Norway, Croatia, and more.
  1. “Travel with an expert” – Many people dislike travelling in a group with a tour guide and rather prefer to be on their own. However, the group trips may be still advantageous sometimes: Often travelling with an expert can gain you access to places that you may not be allowed to visit otherwise.
  1. “Top Destinations Picks for 2012” – According to Cox & Kings, hot countries for 2012 will be: Ghana, Indonesia(outside of Bali), Malaysia, Nepal, Romania, Iceland and Abu Dhabi. Hot cities among tourists will be São Paulo, Brazil; Salta, Argentina, and Lima, Peru, as well as Beirut, Luang Prabang, Hyderabad, Stockholm, Tallinn and Mostar.

Source: BlackBook


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