UK Prime Minister Cameron might veto any future enlargement of EU

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron has threatened that he will veto any further enlargement of the European Union unless a stricter immigration rules come in place. The EU Commission has already started negotiations with the strongest Balkan country which is outside the Union – Serbia.

In addition to that Albania is also a potential candidate for future membership. His anti-immigration comments are a response to the disquiet that rose in the UK society as a result of the fact that Bulgaria and Romania will receive free access to the UK labour market after 1 January 2014.

The European Commission has challenged Cameron to produce evidence that the free movement of people is leading to extensive abuse of countries benefit’s system. So far he has not been able to do that. One of the reasons for Cameron’s anti-immigration rhetoric is the bitter struggle between his Conservative party and the nationalistic UKIP for winning more votes on the next UK election during 2015.

High-quality global journalism requires investment. After the summit, Cameron said that he still considers the enlargement potential that the European Union has, as one of its biggest strengths, nevertheless a sound immigration policy is needed in order to ensure that countries with higher living standards will not see their labour markets flooded with workers from those countries that have lower living standards.

According to him, EU should return to its original vision where free movement is granted only to those who are willing to work and do not seek only to gain from the benefits system of the host country.

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