Australia Working Holiday – Kickstart Pack

The video above describes very well one of our leading services – Australia working holiday visa. Apart from the visa, there are several other services we provide in order to ease the transition. We have them grouped in a single pack called “Kickstart Pack“.

In it we provide airport transfer service, so you don’t get confused about the directions or even lost. Subsequently, we provide you with two nights accommodations (breakfast included) in a hostel close to our office, so you can drop by anytime to book a seat for the orientation. Afterwards, drinks and dinner are organised so you can socialise with people having similar interests.

Additionally, we can assist you in opening a bank account in Australia. You receive your full details in 5 days after the application by e-mail.

We can also help you get your tax back after you get back home, or when the fiscal year is over. Most people working in Australia are entitled to a pretty good tax return. We will help you to obtain a TFN (Tax File Number), so you are not taxed under the emergency tax rate. Be sure to ask about our Tax Saver Pack.

Looking for a visa extension, we have that covered as well :). We will be able to organise a second visa for you if you have worked in harvesting or construction for at least 3 months. Our Harvest Guide will help you find a good job offer. Many people are left with the impression that they have a job which will assure them the second working holiday visa, but there are a lot of cases where people make this honest mistake and can not apply for a second Australia visa.

Recently we received a lot of queries form people who are not quite sure how to proceed with their visa application. If you have any questions about Australia Working Holiday visa, or any visa for that matter, please e-mail us at and my colleague Milena will get back to you as soon as possible.


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