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The recession has a negative effect on many aspects of our lives, but this is the natural way of the economy to bring order to itself after years of frivolous spending by the common consumer.

It is always darkest before the dawn, that good old idiom says, but that isn’t necessarily true if you act on time.

In recent news, an article covered the fact that a lot of backpackers from the UK and Germany are rushing down to Australia in 2009.

If you are amongst those people willing to spend the next year in Australia, then there isn’t a better time to get your Australian visa and book your flight.

Obtaining a visa might take you between 2 days and two weeks, depending on the approach you chose to obtain one.

You can do it by yourself, however, if you need it in a hurry it is better to go through an agent since it will cut most of the hassle and your application will be processed faster.

Currently, you can book a ticket from London to Sydney on British Airways’s site for as low as 518GBP. This will be the price you pay if you book now for any date of the period ~01/05 – 15/06/2009.

This will soon change, however, you have the great opportunity to book a cheap in the next few days.

Airlines will not be able to sell low-cost tickers for much longer so this summer is you chance to book a low-cost flight from and to Australia.

It is a great time for working holidaymakers from Australia to travel to the United Kingdom and for UK backpackers to jump over to Australia.


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DO beware of the double dating system. Your visa will contain a termination date and your passport will most likely be stamped with a permit to stay until… date. These two dates are rarely identical! And, of course, the earlier of the two is the one that counts.

Youll need a company to sponsor your lloyd. My friend went with a working holiday visa and then got sponsored.

hi i work as a support worker and recently went travelling and really enjoyed oz its a place i d really like to there any way i could get in here as a support worker?if any ideas plaese e-main me at ta lloyd

Hi, I am an Australian citizen willing to visit my brother & family in UK for a few months. My brother is on a work visa in UK. Do I need a visa for UK?

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