How to Renew Your Irish Employment Permit

Irish Work Permit Approval

If your Irish Employment permit is about to expire, it must be renewed if you are not able to switch to another status that enables you to work without a permit.

In order to renew your Irish Employment permit you must:

  • hold a valid General, Intra-Company transfer, Contract for Services or Dependent permit
  • be employed by the employer listed on your permit
  • be able to provide evidence that the current permit requirements were satisfied
  • provide evidence that your employer is willing to keep you as an employee

You will not be eligible to renew your employment permit if you:

  • don’t hold a valid General, Intra-Company transfer, Contract for Services or Dependent permit (only renewal for a General employment permit can be submitted up to a month after the permit expiry date)
  • are no longer employed with the employer listed on their permit
  • are not able to prove that the current permit requirements were met


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How to renew your Irish Employment Permit

The renewal application must be submitted online and all required documents must be attached to it before a payment is made (if applicable) and the application is finalised.

It should be submitted before your current permit expires but not more than four months in advance.

If you submit your renewal application on time, you will be able to remain in Ireland and continue working even if your current permit expires before the new one is issued.

After the application is submitted, you can check the status of your application here.

Once you receive your Renewed Employment Permit, you need to renew your Irish residence permit.

If you live in Dublin, you must go to the Burgh Quay Registration Office (an appointment is required). If you live outside of Dublin, you need to go to your local Garda station.

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