Traveling to Ireland on business? Here’s how to apply for your Irish Business Visa

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Are you planning to travel to Ireland on business?
If so, you may need to apply for a business visa before you travel.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Irish business visas including who needs a visa, how to apply for your visa easily online and what are the Ireland Business Visa requirements.

What is an Ireland business visa?

This is a visa you can apply for if you would like to stay in Ireland for less than 90 days. You will also have the option to request permission to work for up to 14 days.

This means that you can’t work in Ireland for 15 days or more while on this visa – so you will have to start and finish work within those 14 days.

When you apply for the short-stay visa you’ll have the option to apply for either a Single-entry or Multiple-entry visa.

Applying for the first time? If so, apply for a single-entry visa.

If you have a good travel record, you may be able to get a multiple-entry visa!

What does a good record look like?

    Only staying the amount of time you’ve been granted
    Not working illegally

People don’t always have a history of travelling to Ireland but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a multiple-entry visa!

In fact, you can apply for a multiple-entry visa if you:

  • Need to enter Ireland frequently for a short period to attend business meetings
  • Will be travelling to another country while in Ireland on business and then returning to Ireland for more business or onward travel
  • Are going to and back from a country via Ireland

*Onward travel is essentially proof that you will be leaving Ireland.

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What is a Multiple-entry Business visa to Ireland?

Even a multi-entry visa has a limit: you can’t stay in Ireland for more than 180 days in a year.

You also can’t work for 14 days, return to your home country for a month and then come back to work for 14 more days. Why? Because you’d be working more than 14 days in a 90-day period.

So to re-enter Ireland in this way you have to apply through the Atypical Working Scheme for permission to work and then apply for a short stay employment visa – this is totally different to a business visa.

For the business visa remember you can request permission to work for up to 14 days within 90 days!

If you work for more than 14 days, you may encounter complications the next time you apply for an Irish visa.

Note: while you’re in Ireland on a business visa, you can’t avail of public services, such as public hospitals.

Who can travel to Ireland on a business visa?

If you are a citizen of an EU/EEA country, Switzerland or a country that does NOT require a visa to come to Ireland, you don’t need to apply for a business visa.

Meanwhile, if you are from one of the countries listed in the table below, you need to apply for a business visa to travel to Ireland for business purposes.

Afghanistan Great Britain UK – Protected Person Guinea Pakistan
Albania Guinea-Bissau Palau
Algeria Haiti Palestinian National Authority
Angola Hong Kong (SAR) Papua New Guinea
Armenia India China
Azerbaijan Indonesia Peru
Bahrain Iran Philippines
Bangladesh Iraq Qatar
Belarus Jamaica Russia
Benin Jordan Rwanda
Bhutan Kazakhstan São Tomé and Príncipe
Botswana Kenya Saudi Arabia
Bosnia & Herzegovina Korea (North) Senegal
Burkina Faso Kosovo Serbia
Burundi Kuwait Sierra Leone
Cambodia Kyrgyzstan Somalia
Cameroon Laos South Sudan
Cape Verde Lebanon Sri Lanka
Central African Republic Liberia Sudan
Chad Libya Suriname
Columbia Madagascar Syria
Comoros Malawi Tajikistan
Congo (Brazzaville) Mali Thailand
Congo (Democratic Republic) Marshall Islands Timor-Leste
Cote D’lvoire (Ivory Coast) Mauritania Togo
Cuba Mauritius Tunisia
Djibouti Micronesia Turkey
Dominican Republic Moldova Turkmenistan
Ecuador Mongolia Uganda
Egypt Montenegro Ukraine
Equatorial Guinea Morocco Tanzania
Eritrea Mozambique Uzbekistan
Eswatini Myanmar Venezuela
Ethiopia Namibia Vietnam
Faroe Islands Nepal Yemen
Gabon Niger Zambia
Gambia Nigeria Zimbabwe
Georgia North Macedonia, Republic Ghana

To double-check if you need a business visa before travelling to Ireland, you can check your eligibility with Visa First.

How do I apply for an Irish business visa?

Samuel Beckett Bridge

To apply for a business visa for Ireland, you have to be in your country of residence.

You should apply three months before departing on business to Ireland to secure your visa on time!

For an Irish Business visa, you have to apply online.

You can apply yourself online and deal with the Irish embassy near you.

Or alternatively, you can register online with VisaFirst.

How to Apply For an Irish Business Visa Online With Visa First?

Renowned visa specialists for more than 20 years, we will guide you through the visa application process and boost your chances of a successful outcome.

You’ll be working with a visa specialist throughout the process and have any of your concerns answered by professionals!

You can start by checking your eligibility by entering your nationality, current location, where you are travelling, and the purpose of your travel.

Once you know you are eligible you are ready to start the application process by clicking on ‘Apply Now.’

The first page you fill out will consist of some basic information including, your country of residence, nationality, name, date of birth, contact details, and migration details like occupation, whether you have a job offer or not, and if you have a spouse or children.

Further, on the application, you will have to provide a number of documents.

Documentation you will need

A letter of invitation (LOI)

Firstly, you’ll need a Letter of Invitation from the company or the host in Ireland you will be attending business meetings with.


You’ll need to have your passport!

It’ll need to be valid for another six months after you plan on returning home.

You should provide copies of ALL your past passports (otherwise your application can take longer)!

Proof of where you will be staying in Ireland

You may be staying in a number of places or accommodations and you’ll have to provide evidence for this.

Proof of leaving Ireland once business ends

This has to include proof of obligations you have in your country of residence, such as family, social or economic purposes.

Travel Insurance

Once your visa is approved, make sure you obtain travel insurance!

This is not only important for you since you won’t be granted the permission to make use of public services, including public hospitals but also because you may not be allowed to enter Ireland without insurance.

You’ll need to make sure that you get coverage for the entirety of your stay in Ireland!

The best way to get travel insurance is to scope around for insurances that are available in your country to cover you in Ireland and pick one that best suits your needs.

Adequate funds

You don’t need to have a certain sum of money to enter Ireland. Instead, the officer at the port of entry will make a decision depending on your specific situation.

You’ll need to provide different information depending on whether you’re supporting yourself financially OR a host, company or organisation is supporting you.

These are some of the documents you may need to provide. You’ll be informed if you are required to provide any other documents or information.

Remember that we will boost your chances of a successful outcome!

The amount of time it takes for a visa to be processed can vary. It can take anywhere between three to 10 weeks.

If your visa is approved, you’ll get a business visa label in your passport.

On the other hand, if your visa isn’t approved, you’ll get a letter explaining why. If you can prove that the immigration made a mistake you can appeal a decision but you’d have to do so in the two months after you receive the refusal letter.

Person carrying his suitcase at an airport

I have my visa, can I enter Ireland?

So now that you have your visa you have permission to travel to Ireland.

But now you’ll need permission to stay in Ireland which you’ll need to be granted by an immigration officer at the port of entry.

The port of entry is the airport you will be arriving at.

To be allowed to stay in Ireland, you’ll need:

  • A reasonable reason for coming to Ireland
  • Correct paperwork

If the officer is satisfied, then a ‘landing stamp’ will be placed in your passport, including a motive for coming to Ireland and your length of stay (you can be given up to 90 days).

What should I make sure I have once I arrive at the border in Ireland?

Here’s a number of documents to present to the officer at the port of entry:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Boarding pass
  • Invitation letter
  • Travel insurance
  • Proof of where you’ll be staying in Ireland
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Proof that you’ll be touring to your country of residence, e.g plane ticket

Note: it’s always better to be over-prepared than to be refused entry!

Need help applying for your business visa?

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