What You Should Know Before Travelling to Australia

Sydney opera building

Look at these simple tips and be prepared for the mysterious land Down Under!

  1. The sun is stronger in Australia. It’s good to be prepared unless you want to burn out badly.
  2. The traffic flow is on the left-hand side of the road but vehicles with the drivers’ controls on either the left or the right are lawful.
  3. If you think there are kangaroos walking on the streets and everywhere else, you are wrong. You can find them ‘in the bush’ if you travel inland.
  4. Don’t believe the weather forecasts in Australia and be prepared for everything.
  5. If you want to sound Australian, shorten your words and add a ‘y’ to everything you say.
  6. Capsicum means pepper in Australia. Have this in mind when you go to the grocery stores.
  7. Coins are more relevant Down Under because some of them are worth 1 or 2 dollars. So, do not disregard coins in your wallet – you might be richer than you thought.
  8. Koalas have pouches as well as any other mammals in Australia except for dingoes – a fact that you should know before heading Down Under.
  9. You can find pies at every chain café but Australian pies are not made of fruit. They are filled with meat and very delicious but they are not sweet.
  10.  Australian Football and Rugby actually replace Football. So, make sure you know the rules because they are much more complicated.

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