Medium TSS Visa vs Short TSS Visa: What’s the difference?

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You might have heard that Australia is short on skilled workers in a number of areas, particularly engineering, medicine, teaching and accounting. This means that there aren’t enough qualified Australian citizens to meet the high demand for these skilled roles.

That’s why the Australian government originally introduced the 457 visas, to allow qualified people around the world the opportunity to come to Australia and fill these idle positions.

Do you find yourself staring out the window at work, wishing you were 5 minutes from a beautiful sandy beach? Do you wish you were driving your van to work somewhere with a tropical climate instead of the same old dreary, rainy motorway? If so, the TSS visa could be for you!

Cool! But wait… what is a TSS Visa?

A TSS (Temporary Skills Shortage) visa allows Australian employers to hire skilled workers from abroad in the case that they can’t find a suitable Australian candidate for the job. The TSS visa helps address ongoing labour shortages in Australia that span a wide range of professions and locations across the country, however, Australian citizens still get priority for these roles.

From 18 March 2018, the 457 Visa was abolished and the TSS visa (subclass 482) was introduced in its place. Previously, the 457 visa was the most common visa used by employers to sponsor overseas workers.

Oh, and if you’re in Australia on a TSS visa, it could help you get your foot in the door when it comes to acquiring permanent residency.

How does the TSS 482 Visa work?

The TSS 482 visa is divided into three streams;

  1. short-term stream
  2. medium-term stream  
  3. labour agreement stream.

You must be sponsored by an approved business if you want to get a TSS 482 visa. A business can sponsor someone from abroad for the visa providing they can’t find an Australian resident to fill the position.

You don’t have to be in Australia to lodge your visa application, you can do it from anywhere in the world.

How do I get a TSS 482 Visa?

Ah, the big question; how do I get my hands on a TSS 482 visa?

It’s simple, to get a TSS 482 visa, you must complete a 3-step process:

  1. A sponsorship application by the employer (the employer needs to be a lawfully operating business, meet local labour and employment practices and be a viable sponsor from overseas)


  1. A nomination application for a skilled position by the employer (the employer must prove the position is genuine, they should state how the position became vacant and verify that it’s a newly created position.)


  1. A visa application submitted by the nominated employee.

Medium and Long-Term TSS Visa (482) vs Short-Term TSS Visa (482)

What are the 3 streams available under the TSS 482 visa:

  • Short-term stream – this stream enables employers to source genuine temporary overseas skilled workers in occupations included on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) for a maximum of two years (or up to four years if an international trade obligation is applicable.
  • Medium-term stream – this is for employers to source highly skilled overseas workers to fill medium-term critical skills in occupations included on the  Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) for up to four years, with eligibility to apply for permanent residence after three years.
  • Labour Agreement stream – this is for employers to source skilled workers from overseas according to a labour agreement with the Commonwealth, on the basis of a demonstrated need that can’t be met in the Australian labour market and standard visa programs aren’t available, with the opportunity to negotiate a permanent residence option.

TSS visa australia

When an employer lodges a TSS nomination application, they need to choose a set employment period of up to:

1 year or 2 years – for the short-term stream (unless an international trade obligation applies – in which case it’s up to 4 years)


1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years for the medium-term stream or the labour agreements stream.

What are the work experience requirements for the TSS 482 Visa?

If you’re wondering ‘Am I eligible for a TSS 482 visa?’ then you should check out the criteria below as well as the two images listing the various occupations with skills shortages.

So, first of all, TSS visa applicants are required to have worked in the nominated occupation or a similar, related field for a minimum of two years.

Previously, there was some work experience related conditions that apply at the nomination stage for the subclass 457 do not apply for TSS nominations.

The TSS 482 visa work experience requirements as outlined in official government legislation are as follows:

  1. Work experience will be considered flexibly in the context of the nominated occupation and industry practices.
  1. Work experience will be considered flexibly in the context of the nominated occupation and industry practices.
  1. The work experience should have been undertaken in the last five years and would need to be calculated in terms of full-time work. Part-time work experience may be considered.
  1. Experience gained as part of the research components of a Masters and/or PhD may be considered as work experience for relevant occupations, such as medical and research occupations.
  1. Experience gained through clinical placements and internships may be considered as work experience for medical practitioners, including Resident Medical Officers (RMOs).
  1. The internship component of the Professional Year Program may be considered as work experience for relevant occupations.
  1. Performance experience gained while studying may be considered for applicants with a performing arts occupation.

Full list of TSS visa occupations

Oz TSS visa jobs list

Full list of TSS visa occupations

TSS 482 Visa Training Requirement

Employers sponsoring workers for a TSS 482 Visa must pay a training contribution fee known as the Skilling Australians Fund Levy.

Businesses that have an annual turnover of less than $10m per year will be required to contribute;

  1. An upfront annual payment of $1,200 for each person they employ on a TSS 482 visa
  1. A once-off payment of $3,000 for each employee they’re sponsoring for a permanent ENS or RSMS visa.

Businesses with an annual turnover of $10m+ must make;

  1. An upfront payment of $1,800 for every employee on a TSS 482 visa
  1. A once-off payment of $5,000 for each employee being sponsored for a permanent ENS or RSMS visa.


If I’m granted a 457 visa, after 18 April 2017 off the MLTSSL list, how long will it be granted for?

In this case, your TSS visa will be granted for 4 years.

How long do I have to wait before I can apply for a permanent 186/187 visa if my company decides to nominate me?

If you want to apply for permanent residency, you have to wait 3 years to apply for a permanent 186/187 visa.

Is there an age limit for a TSS visa?

No, there is no age limit for the TSS visa. You can apply no matter how old you are!

I’m transitioning from a 457 visa to a TSS 482 visa, will I still be eligible to apply for a second TSS 482 visa while still in Australia?

Yes, you can apply.

Will there be any repercussions if I do transition?

Some occupations like chef or restaurant manager are included on the short-term list for a TSS visa. So, while you can be sponsored by a restaurant for 2 years, and gain another extension, you can’t apply for a permanent visa unless your occupation is added to the medium-term TSS skills shortage list in a designated regional area.

If you’re a student graduate, you will not be eligible for temporary or permanent company sponsorship after March 2018 since you need at least 2 full years’ experience in full-time work related to your field.

How can I get a repeat TSS 482 visa?

Generally, applicants for TSS 482 visas (primary or secondary) can be either in or outside of Australia while applying. However, if you’re applying for a short-term (ST) stream visa, you must be offshore if the following applies;

  • You’ve had more than one ST stream TSS 482 visa already
  • You were in Australia when the application for your most recent TSS 482 visa was submitted
  • Your visa requirement is not inconsistent with any existing ITOs (International Trade Obligations).

If you have held two ST stream TSS visas in a row (where the second application was made and submitted in Australia) you can apply for a further TSS ST Stream visa while abroad. Bear in mind that your immigration history could be relevant to whether or not you meet the GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) requirement for this particular stream.

TSS visa australia jobs

Condition 8607 explained

Condition 8607 is a condition that applies to all primary TSS visa holders. It requires TSS visa holders who want to switch occupations to have a new nomination ready to go and a new visa granted before starting work in a new occupation.

What you need to know about the transition from subclass 457 to TSS

Employers who are approved standard business sponsors for visa subclass 457 can sponsor skilled overseas workers under the TSS visa programme;

  • If subclass 457 visa applications and nominations are both lodged prior to TSS implementation, they will be processed under the current framework.
  • If a subclass 457 visa nomination application is lodged without an associated 457 visa application being lodged before the TSS commences, it will become redundant since subclass 457 nominations can’t be linked to TSS 482 visa applications, even in the case that the nomination has already been approved subject to the following scenarios.

Please note:

  • Secondary visa applicants (for 457 visa holders or pending 457 visa applicants) can lodge a subsequent dependent TSS application and if they meet requirements, will be granted a TSS 482 visa linked to their families subclass 457 visa/nomination application.

The validity period of the TSS visa will match the expiry date of the subclass 457 primary visa holder.

  • Subclass 457 visa holders whose visa is not expiring but they want to change to a new employer after the implementation of TSS, these people can request their new employer to lodge a TSS 482 nomination application.
  • Subclass 457 visa holders who want to completely change their occupation or need a new visa (e.g. a visa with longer validity), they will need to lodge a new TSS visa application referencing a new TSS nomination application.

Labour Marketing Testing (LMT) for TSS

There are LMT arrangements in place for the TSS 482 visa. There are no longer any occupation exemptions to LMT. This ensures that employers prioritise finding a qualified Australian citizen for the role before they look for a skilled worker from overseas on a 482 visa.

Are there any salary conditions or arrangements for a TSS visa?

If a sponsor is looking for an employee from overseas on a salary of under AU$250,000, they will need to provide additional info to show that they’re going to pay the market salary rate to ensure that workers from overseas are protected and that the local labour market isn’t undercut.

I don’t qualify for this visa, is there another way for me to move to Australia?

If the TSS visa isn’t for you, there’s always an Australian Working Holiday visa. You don’t need any skills or qualifications to apply and you can now stay for three years on a Working Holiday visa. To find out more about getting an Aussie Working Holiday visa, check this out or you can apply with Visa First today, we have a 99.7% visa acceptance rate!