World’s Best Place to Live – Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Australia has been voted the best liveable city in the world according to ’’The Economist” and its annual report “Global Liveability Ranking 2015”. In the report were included 140 cities across the globe. The ranking is based on 30 factors including safety, healthcare, educational resources, infrastructure and environment.

UK and Ireland immigrants are amongst the top 10 nations moving to Australia according to Visa First manager and immigration expert Edwina Shanahan. “Visa First helps thousands of those people to get Australian Visa to live and work” she adds.

Top 8 of Most Livable Cities

  1. Melbourne, Australia;
  2. Vienna, Austria;
  3. Vancouver, Canada;
  4. Toronto, Canada;
  5. Calgary, Canada 5th;
  6. Adelaide, Australia;
  7. Sydney, Australia.

Noticeable is the strong presence of Australian and Canadian cities in this report.

There are multiple reasons for the leading position of Melbourne – economical, social, cultural, all contributing for this result.

The city is famous for its cultural diversity and people from many different corners of the globe contributing for the unique atmosphere of the city. The infrastructure and public transport are very well developed and contribute to the easy daily commuting of the local people. Besides the great infrastructure and great opportunities for work and study, it is a great place for your free time as well. There are many museums and galleries displaying many interesting pieces of art and of course a good number of museums showing the life and culture of Aboriginal people.

Melbourne is considered a Unesco city of literature because of the literary festivals, book stores, great history of famous award-winning authors.

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