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Today’s life is different than years before when people used to live where they were born. Nowadays many chose to live far from their home town for various reasons. Social, professional, financial or just curiosity could be part of the drivers for moving abroad and choosing the life of an expat.

In a recent survey there were named the top countries to live abroad and the best places for expats. More than 14 000 people from 174 nations took part in the survey which had to choose the best place amongst 191 countries globally.

The main categories which were judged for placing the top countries are as follows. 1. Quality of life, it combines many aspects of life but the most significant considered here are – personal happiness, safety and security, transport, health, leisure. The winner in this category is Taiwan.

The second one is – Ease of settling in, which consists of friendliness, feeling welcome, finding friends, language. Here the winner is Mexico. This is the country where people feel very well when stepping the first time and find friends easily.

The third one is, personal finance – for many is by far one of the most important aspects for securing your future and the one of their family. The clear leader here is Taiwan followed by Ukraine and Ecuador. China and India are also in top 10.

Next category is – working abroad, often this is the driver for moving abroad and it concerns – the career, work-life balance, job security. The best place to work in is Luxemburg. Talking about work-life balance the leader here in New Zealand, Australia is also in top 10 here.

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Family life is the final one – it combines factors like family well-being, availability, quality of education, childcare. Here number one is Finland securing the best place for your family. Countries like Australia, Germany, Israel are also in the top 10.

The overall leaders in the survey are: 1. Taiwan, 2. Malta, 3. Ecuador. In top 10 are also countries like 5. New Zealand and 7. Australia.

No matter which country you will head up next time or you will settle down keep in mind all the different aspects that could affect your life.

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