Why Choose Visa First?

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Visa First is an Irish-based leader in visa processing and immigration services.

We process short-stay tourist and business visas, employment permits and working holiday visas.

If you’re planning to travel, vacation or study abroad, and you require a visa or work permit, we can help you apply for the one you need.

Some of our most popular visas are for the following countries:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • China
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Cuba
  • Egypt
  • Kenya
  • Saudi Arabia
  • USA
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Oman
  • Thailand
  • Turkey

What can Visa First do for me?

If the thought of completing a visa application and going to the embassy is stressing you out, you should trust a professional company that will manage the entire process effortlessly, such as Visa First.

We provide fast and reliable service – removing the hassle, uncertainty and time associated with arranging travel visas and employment permits.

The team will help you through the entire process securely from start to finish and answer any questions you may have. 

We will help you get off to the best start possible wherever you’re going.

Our travel support team will assist you in organising everything you need before you leave including tax numbers, bank accounts and much more.

The main benefits of using Visa First to secure your visa is our extensive industry knowledge and exceptional visa expertise.

You don’t have to worry about researching what visa you should obtain for your trip, payment at the embassy, uploading your digital photo, checking your documents, or the hassle of visits to the embassy. We will do everything for you! 

We offer an excellent level of customer service.

Our dedicated Visa First account managers promptly respond to your queries, offering easy to understand and comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Can I trust Visa First?

With over 16 years of experience in the visa and immigration industry, we remain at the forefront of the visa services industry and have established ourselves as a trusted name within the industry.

Our experience speaks for itself – we organize more than 9,000 visas for our clients every year.

We take great pride in the trust and reliability our clients have in us.

Our portfolio of clients, which includes some of the world’s largest multinational companies, establishes us as a trusted industry name.

Our customers are encouraged to visit our walk-in office, where they can chat with our visa experts face-to-face and have all of their questions and queries answered.

Visa First offer visa and immigration services in an easy, fast and convenient way!

At VisaFirst.com customers can take advantage of a wide range of services that they will find useful when securing their travel documents, including: 

  • We will promptly reply to your query
  • Your dedicated account manager will offer easy to understand and comprehensive solutions to your queries
  • We successfully process 10,000 visa applications every year
  • You won’t have to wait in line at the embassy
  • We have no hidden fees or costs with our upfront pricing – so no guesswork!

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Is it safe to use Visa First?

Yes, you are in the safest hands with our visa specialists.

Visa First ensures that your application is 100% compliant with all immigration requirements.

We are always ahead of the game when it comes to the most recent updates in visa requirements and immigration regulations.

Our payment options are all safe and secure. Most of our clients pay through a secure payment link that has been sent to their email address and they then receive an e-receipt. We also accept postal orders, bank drafts and cheques. It couldn’t be safer!

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Can I trust Visa First with my passport?

At Visa First, we exercise the highest degree of caution and attention when handling our clients’ documents.

We have several safety measures in place to make sure your experience with Visa First goes without a hitch.

Worried about posting original documents to us?

The doors to our St. Stephen’s Green office are always open.

We encourage our clients to drop into us to hand-deliver their documents if they’d prefer to do so.

Is Visa First expensive?

With Visa First, you pay a great price for a great service.

We don’t have any hidden fees, our prices are clear and quite affordable!

When Visa First’s prices are compared with other visa companies, ours are by far the most reasonable and affordable.

For the service that you receive, it is money well spent.

You can get your visa sorted in just 3 super simple steps:

  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Provide the relevant documents and make a payment
  3. Receive your visa!

How can I apply for a visa?

Easy! Simply visit VisaFirst.com and fill out the short form to get started.


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