Vietnamese Visa

Vietnam has emerged as a popular South-East Asian tourist and business destination during the last twenty years. The country has been registering an increasing flow of visitors, which has averaged 4 million foreign arrivals during 2011. Some of the more popular Vietnamese destinations include Saigon, Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An. Before visiting Vietnam, however most foreign nationals must apply for a Vietnamese visa. In general, there are two main types of visas for Vietnam, which are suitable for visitors from abroad.

  • Business Visa – It is designed for people, who want to visit Vietnam with a commercial purpose. Normally issued for a period of maximum three months, but can be extended for three more months.
  • Tourist Visa – This visa is applicable for people, who intend to visit Vietnam with a touristic purpose. The maximum period of stay is one month, but the visa could be extended to up to three months if necessary.

The rules for getting a visa for Vietnam are relatively strict as a result of the improved homeland security policy of the country. All of the prospective visa applicants must prepare their international passports, whose validity expires minimum one month after their departure date from Vietnam. One recent photo of good quality and must complete the visa application form as well.

There is a possibility to get Vietnamese visa-on-arrival or online as well, but please be advised that in some occasions the local authorities will not let travellers board your plane without having Vietnamese visa. Therefore you have to check the travel advice of your country’s Foreign office before embarking on travel to Vietnam.

If you are confused about how to obtain your Visa and want to avoid the long queues at the local embassy or consulate, Visa First can always help you to get your Vietnamese Visa fast and hassle-free. Just visit the Vietnamese Visa section of our website and follow the guidelines there.


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