Top Things To Do And Places To Visit In New Zealand During Your Working Holiday

Let me guess, you have spent months planning and preparing for your working holiday in New Zealand. Your great escape is fast approaching and you want to make sure you take full advantage of your time spent there.

It can be overwhelming trying to decide which activities and places you should visit when New Zealand is jam-packed with fun things to do!

Lucky for you, we have put together this guide which takes you through the top things to do and places to visit in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a haven of exciting things to do and beautiful attractions to visit.

So without further delay… let’s begin!

Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park is New Zealand’s oldest national park and attracts many adventurers.

There is beautiful scenery and volcanic landscapes to be explored.

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, you may recognise this park. This was where some filming for the series took place – the Tongariro crossing is where the scenes of Mount Doom were filmed. Pretty cool, right?

Tongariro National Park

Explore the Bay of Islands

Located a three-hour drive from Auckland, the Bay of Islands is made up of 144 beautiful islands and has some glorious sandy beaches.

The bay has something for everyone. If you enjoy water sports and water-based activities, there are plenty of activities to dab your hand at like fishing, sailing, diving, jet-skiing and many more!

For those who prefer on-land activities, there is biking, horse trekking, and some stunning seaside walking trails to explore.

The Bay of Islands is a paradise for the working holiday adventurer!

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New Zealand’s Nine Great Walks

With so many beautiful walking trails at your grasp, it can be difficult to decide which ones you will take. New Zealand’s Nine Great Walks are nine of New Zealand’s most popular hikes where you will experience New Zealand’s great outdoors and all it has to offer.

The Nine Great Walks are located across New Zealand with one on Stewart Island, five on the South Island and three on the North Island. You may recognise some of the names below from earlier in this article.

The Nine Great Walks are:

  • Heaphy Track
  • Kepler Track
  • Routeburn Track
  • Milford Track
  • Tongariro Northern Circuit
  • Whanganui Journey
  • Lake Waikaremoana Track
  • Abel Tasman Coast Track
  • Rakiura Track

Visit Lake Wakatipu

The third-largest and the longest lake in New Zealand, Lake Wakatipu is located in Queensland, one of New Zealand’s most popular tourist towns.

Here you can enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains that appear from above the lake.

The beauty of this lake can be enjoyed in many ways including cruise ships, jet boat rides or kayaking.

A visit to New Zealand would not be complete without a trip to Lake Wakatipu.

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Take a walk along Piha Beach

Located west of Auckland, Piha beach is a stunning black-sand beach and New Zealand’s most famous surfing beach.

Why not indulge in a beach-side picnic or a relaxed walk along the beach? Or enjoy the sunset after a hike up Lion Rock.

The scenery at Piha beach is truly extraordinary and not to be missed while in New Zealand.

Piha beach New Zealand

Head up Sky Tower

New Zealand’s highest man-made structure, Sky Tower is one of Auckland’s most popular tourist attractions.

Sky Tower is 328 metres high and hosts a range of exciting activities and entertainment including a SkyJump or SkyWalk.

If you enjoy yoga, you might indulge in a sunrise yoga session on the main deck of the tower.

You can also experience dining like no other with three different restaurants including the Orbit 360° Dining revolving restaurant.

From the Sky Tower you can view the city 220 metres above street level, the views are spectacular and you can even spot some well-known landmarks in the distance.

Explore Milford Sound

Located within Fiordland National Park in New Zealand’s South Island, Milford Sound is the only Fiord in New Zealand that can be accessed from the road.

Carved out by glaciers during the ice ages, Milford sound can be experienced in a number of different ways.

There are boat cruises, scenic flights, kayaking, sailing and hikes among the options for exploration.

Milford Sound boasts stunning views with captivating waterfalls and rainforests.

If you feel like you want to experience everything Milford Sound has to offer you can avail of accommodation to stay for as long as you wish.

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Dig your own pool at Hot Water Beach

A very popular activity among both locals and tourists in New Zealand is to dig a hot water pool at this magnificent beach.

Hot Water Beach is located at the Coromandel near Cathedral Cove and boasts some stunning views.

Tired of the fun water activities and hiking? Here you can sit back, relax and enjoy the warm water and soak in the stunning scenery around you.

Kayak around Cathedral Cove

One of New Zealand’s most beautiful attractions, Cathedral Cove is a well-known rock formation located on the Coromandel Peninsula.

While kayaking around the cove you will soak in the breathtaking scenery of white cliffs, sandy beaches and aesthetic rock formation.

You may recognise this glorious rock formation from the Chronicles of Narnia film series or from one of Macklemore’s well-known music videos.

Kayak around Cathedral Cove New Zealand

Hobbiton Movie Set

Visit one of New Zealand’s most renowned attractions where filming for both Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit took place.

There are a number of awesome tours you can avail of to get the full experience of the Hobbiton Movie Set. Here you can spot the 44 hobbit holes featured in the films.

If you’re a fan of these films, this isn’t something you will want to miss!

Hobbiton Movie Set New Zealand

Sky Dive

With New Zealand being known as the adventure capital of the world, if you seek high adrenaline experiences, you are in the right place.

There are many places to skydive in the country, with skydiving over the Fox Glaciers being one of the most popular places to skydive in the world.

Take in New Zealand’s outstanding scenery while thousands of feet above it all!

Bungee jump

Another adrenaline-pumping activity, bungee jumping has become a ritual for many visitors to New Zealand.

There are many Bungee Jump operators across the country, with options to take the leap from many different structures.

The Nevis Bunjee is the highest in the country, which is a giant 134 metres jump. This is well-known across the world as one of the best bungee jump spots.

If a Bungee Jump is on your bucket list, you will find no better place to tick it off!

Bungee jump New Zealand

See the underground glowworms

These glow-in-the-dark insects can be seen across the country in caves, forests etc.

For one of the best glow worms experiences, the Waitomo Caves is the place to go. You can experience the worms by an underground boat and watch them light up the caves like stars in the sky.

underground glowworms New Zealand

So there we have it, must-see places to visit and things to do in New Zealand. Certainly a land of adventure right?

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