Top 10 China Destinations

China is a great country with a lot of history and places to visit. It is one of the richest in culture places to visit on earth. It is a country with a vast territory, huge cities, millions of people, and thousands of tourist attractions to see. China is a country with a very interesting blend of communist governance and democratic free market.

The country has a free market and can trade globally and many foreign corporations use its great financial conditions for outsourcing and producing goods and services there. All this is possible under the strict law and government of China which regulates very carefully all the sectors of the economy.
The foreign visitors are always very welcome and can enjoy they stay having a good time with the local people and their traditional famous globally kitchen and meals.


Beijing is the most popular destination in China. The places you must visit in Beijing begin with the Forbidden City, a place with hundreds of years of history and millions of visitors each year.

The Great Wall

Another historical place is, of course, the Great Wall which could be seen even from space and attracts as many visitors as the emperor’s palace. A great place to see more history and exceptional architecture and culture is the Summer Palace which is settled northwest of Beijing. It is known for the best-preserved imperial garden in the world.

The second most popular tourist destination in China is Xi’an. The most popular place there to see is the famous archaeological site – the Terracotta Army. It consists of more than 6 000 life-size warriors and horses.

Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou

3rd most popular destination in China is Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou. Suzhou and Hangzhou are 1 hour away by train from Shanghai. There you can enjoy ancient culture, gardens, architecture and water town. You can feel there the atmosphere and spirit of the calm life of the country away from the megacities and their buzz.

The Rest

The other places in top 10 are Chengdu (4), Yunnan (5), Zhangjiajie (6), Tibet (7), Huangshan (8), Guilin (9), Hong Kong (10).

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